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Maurice Stovall and Doug Jolley


Jim/Scott... Are the Bucs still as high on Stovall as they were in camp?  Is there still consideration about converting him to the tight end position eventually?  Does it have more to do with his immense potential at that position or are they concerned he might not have the speed to be as effective as they want at the wide receiver position in this league?

Also, does Jolley have the ability to long snap?  I read on one of the message boards that he has that ability...Are the Bucs still high on him as receiver/blocker as well?

It seems the Bucs have a lot of good players who are not able to dress out on game days due to the need for specialists (longsnappers, punt returners, etc) who do contribute much else on the field... With the possibility of bringing in the Panther punter (who can kick off as well), defensive back who can return punts(Buchanan), and a tightend who is not only a good receiver but can long snap (Jolley?) Gruden trying to bring in more versatile players in order to give him more options on game day?

I definitely could see us drafting a defensive back in the second round who could return punts (or sign Clements)...

Sorry...I meant " who don't contribute much else on the field" Jones, Moore, etc.

DBuc, you are an insider and if you post this on the insider board they will answer.  

Pound The Rock:
gruden loves Stovall. pretty sure he was about to see increased playing time but he's banged up right now.


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