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Man has stolen 1,500 pairs of panties

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Police: Man swiped 1,500 women's undies

PULLMAN, Washington (AP) -- A man was charged with theft and burglary after police said they found 93 pounds of women's panties, brassieres and other underwear at his home.

Investigators believe Garth M. Flaherty, 24, took as many as 1,500 undergarments from apartment complex laundry rooms before he was caught, police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said.

A man was seen taking underwear from two laundry rooms Saturday, a witness recorded his license number, and Flaherty was identified from photographs, Tennant said.

Police found enough underwear in his bedroom to fill five garbage bags, Tennant said.

"He said he had a problem," Tennant said.

Flaherty has been jailed on 12 counts of second-degree burglary and one of first-degree theft.

Police had previously received 12 reports of underwear thefts in the northeast part of town, where Washington State University is located.

"We were kind of concerned about how to match up bras and panties with victims," Tennant said. "Based on the unique descriptions from a couple of women, we can tie him to those thefts."

The underwear will be held as evidence until the case is resolved, after which their disposition is uncertain, Tennant said.

"Would you really want them back?" he asked. "I would say not."

I have 1501, so I have him beat.

Unfortunately, I believe MJS has 1517 on last count, so he beats us both.

"He said he had a problem," Tennant you think

Very strange........I wonder what leads to this type of behavior

Tampa Bay Todd:
LOL! That's hysterical. I love the cop's quote "He said he had a problem."
We had a burglary and theft in my town where a guy broke into a lingerie-type store with a section where you can buy, um, "products" and then his mom found them under his bed and turned him in. Oops!

c'mon, who here can say they havent  busted with a hundred pounds of used panties before. right.of.passage.


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