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#15 : October 24, 2006, 04:03:03 PM

Grads has caught some very lucky breaks.  He has fumbled once, but the other one was called back on a bad bad call, which would have sealed the deal.

He Had about two or three dropped INTs, which would have put him at 4 picks or so.

And his last two games his passes looked sixth roundish to me.  That screen to Galloway in the first QTR was a damned joke.

BUT BUT BUT, woulda, coulda, shoulda.  Reality is he is 4 TDs, 1 pick, a 77 rated QB with over 500 yards in three games while facing good defenses, and working behind a all-rookie right side of the line.  So he is managing the game IMO, and that is about it.

He needs a a breakout game, because three "meh" ones in a row don't bode well for his future. I am starting to think Simms will be pursued hard by the Bucs.  Maybe not to start, but to at least add quality depth, and to push Grads a little bit harder.

I am just not very happy with the way Brad Grad (LOL!) is playing right now...but I can hope he makes me eat a dry crow with extra sand! That is for sure!
An all those passes from Simms to Alstott's knees looked undrafted to me...
And 3 "meh" games for a rookie actually bodes pretty well.  No disasters is really as much as you can expect from a rook.  You just hope for more.  Look how much alotta you guys thought Simms was the second coming, and look at HIS first 3.... after being in the system for 3 years...

I do agree with the breakout game thing though, he could use it.  Need the fear of the pass in DC's else it makes for Long games...
And every QB has potential picks dropped, but yeah some of those were scary.  On the other hand, he's still learning to read defenses...

Gawd we've beaten this to death here lol...They guys a freakin rookie...6th round QB generally means unpolished but with potential...thrown into the fire with a terrible offense, fading defense, and poor ST play...And a guard named Mahan...


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#16 : October 24, 2006, 04:05:46 PM

Say what you want... How many picks did Romo have? Im pretty sure if he played the WHOLE game Id have to pull off a shoe to count em all.

Ill take "average joe" that gets the job done efficiently over anyone who racks up yards and INTs at the same rate.
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