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Thanks for all of your posts, emails and messages on the rules of the road for the message boards.  I wanted to post this message to try to clarify the situation and policy somewhat, though I know that no post or set of rules will make 100% of posters happy.

We need to walk a very fine line, and it is frankly a challenge.  If we had no rules at all on posting, then many subscribers to this board would be very unhappy.  If we do have rules and enforce them, which occasionally means suspending or banning repeat offenders, then another set of folks will feel we are being capricious and draconian.  We know that any set of rules will always leave some folks feeling a bit upset.  However, we ask you to consider the following:

1) There are rules about board decorum.  I do not think they are particularly stringent.  We want spirited debate and good natured sarcasm and disagreement.  We do not want an "anything goes" attitude on posts.

2) Every poster that has been suspended or banned on this board has had a veritable avalanche of complaints against them in our email boxes and on private messages.  Every poster that has been suspended or banned has been warned repeatedly and specifically about stopping certain types of posts.  Every poster that has been banned has repeatedly ignored these warnings.  So, we suspended them, period.

3) We are not looking for "misdemeanor" type problems and we are certainly not looking to suspend people.  We are looking for "felonies", if that makes sense.  I realize this is hard to define, but for those of you old enough to remember Ed Meese and pornography----"I know it when I see  it."

4) You all have rights as paid subscribers, but this is an interactive forum.  You pay to go to the movies, the theatre and to sports events too.  If you behave badly enough, you will get thrown out of those venues, paid patron or not.  The same type of reasoning applies here.

5) Despite what some may think, Jim and Scott do not want to spend more time answering email and private message complaints, monitoring the boards, and warning and suspending posters.  Every minute of energy they spend on these endeavors takes them away from doing research, writing articles, and generally doing their jobs to provide you with the inside scoop and other services you pay to enjoy.

So, I ask for your patience.  We are doing the best we can.  We are investing time, effort and substantial funds to make this the most informative, fun and friendly place on the Web for Bucs fans to gather.  We always welcome your feedback, and appreciate your understanding.



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