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#15 : April 07, 2007, 07:43:58 AM

How can some of you actually sit here and say you watched the game?

It was a pre-season game in 1978, It was not televised nationally
In the summer of 1978 I was working either on a conventional powerhouse in Evansville Indiana or a nuclear power house just south of Detroit Michigan. I can't explain why either area would broadcast a Raiduhs Pats game but I clearly remember waiting for him to get up. The extra commercials made me mad and I was even cussing Stingley for a while. I didn't realize how serious his injury was.

I've forgotten a lot of things down through the years. My short term memory is nothing to brag about, but I do believe I am accurate and correct in this case.



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#16 : April 07, 2007, 07:57:21 AM

I remember feeling sick when Jack Tatum hit him in the spine with his helmet. Tatum should have done some jail time for that.

He didnt hit him in the spine, you dont know what you are talking about
The hit was helmet to helmet. He broke his neck.

I just read an interview with Tatum. He said Stingley refused to speak to him. I remember that to be the case when Stingley attended a Monday night game for the Patriots. He would not allow Tatum the opportunity to apologize. To my knowledge, he never did.

Footballs a violent game, it was from the 1st game and will continue to be till it's end.

From what I heard, Tataum said he apologized for the outcome but would never apologize for the hit. He said that was his job. I remember Madden saying one time that he went to the hospital after the game and Tatum showed up and was turned away by Stingleys family.

John Madden was the only person to go to the hospital after the game, when in fact not 1 Patriot, HC, satff, players.. nobody stayed.. they all boarded the plane and left the poor guy in the Hospital. Classless move by the Patriots

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#17 : April 07, 2007, 10:00:25 PM

I remember that story, BL, about the Pats coaching staff. That's brutal.

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