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Don Imus is a gold medal olympic idiot.

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Boid Fink:

Why would he apologize, when we all know that is exaclty how he feels?  He is about the most dry, idiotic "shock" jock out there.  Do you really think he is apologetic for what he said?  I think he regrets getting the uber-bad pub from being sucha  dimwit, and that is all.  He could care less about what he said, and the tone of his remarks.

And if anyone is "nappy headed", it is him.  What a jerk.

What a bozo.

He doesn't need to dispaarge their looks, we can all see ugly, but it shouldn't matter since there's no good reason his eyes should have been looking at women's basketball in the first place.

If he were a 'conservative' talk show host, his butt would be run out of town.  But, seeing that he tends to be on the liberal side, "Ho hum. Apology accepted, now keep on attacking Bush!"

I've never understood why he's popular.   Maybe the ladies think he's good looking?


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