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#30 : April 08, 2007, 11:31:14 PM

I think you're assuming too much LV.  First, it isn't guaranteed that Simms is #2, nobody should be shocked if he falls to #3.  And whil carrying 4 is unlikely, it's not out of the realm.  We know that Jeff is a 2-3 year deal (more likely 2), so you need to keep a "permanent" roster of about 3 -- no way we roll with just 2 when there are big questions about simms' ability to stay healthy and Grads ability to improve.

It would be very possible, despite what some are saying, that we draft a QB and trade simms, giving us Garcia->Grads->Quinn/JR  with the long-term look to be Quinn/JR with Grads as backup.
I just listed QB's, no order of ranking.   The Problem with Garcia->Grads->Quinn/JR if Garcia goes down it's 2006 all over again.  Gruden has a complicated system.

What I'd like to see is them getting some value for Simms, re-sign Rattay and then let him, Grads & McCown battle it out. The problem with that scenario is that Rattay doesn't seem to show up in practice and only in games.

Rattay has received very little play on the market and if they could resign him for the minimum (or a zero signing bonus deal) I could see this happening.  As you point out, though, Rattay is clearly better in games than in practice and Gruden favors QBs that practice well.  I think the fact that the Bucs have expressed no interest in re-signing Rattay even after his game performances last year speaks volumes.

Simms doesn't appear to be a good fit for what Jon wants to do. While I like Simms and think he still may have potential with the way Gruden adjusts to his strengths, his value to this team is that he knows the playbook (and that has even been debated) and has the starting experience here.

I like Simms, but I agree he just doesn't fit here.  You mention Gruden adjusting to his strengths, but we didn't see any of that last year.  McCown as a scrambler seems a better fit for the offense and has been around long enough to know the playbook.  I'd be happy if we got a mid-rounder for Simms.

You mean like adding a shot gun?

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it may of been a case of money, cost in terms of draft picks (Simms 3rd, Rattay 7th) and the actual trade value of Simms that was the determining factor here.
Unfortunately there is too much tape on Simms at this point for him to have any trade value. After the 2004 season when he had only thrown a handful of passes, he had the Matt Schaub thing going for him where teams were unsure of what his future was and may have thought he was worth trading for. After looking as pathetic as he did in 2006, no team is going to trade for him any more than they traded for David Carr.

Did you forget that Simms took us to the Play-offs in 2005.  He was 5-0 in the division.  How about when there was rumors that the Jets wanted to trade for Simm for a 2nd.  No one wanted to le Simms go then.  I said He has done Better than Carr

Simms didn't take us to the playoffs in 05.  We got there in spite of him.  And the shotgun isn't going to help him much, if at all.  He sucks.  He needs to pull off a miracle to keep his job.


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#31 : April 08, 2007, 11:38:27 PM

If CJ and JT are off the market then I think it's more than likely both JR and Quinn will be there at #4 – and that's too much temptation for Gruden to pass up. At the same time though, the phone would be ringing off the hook and the Bucs could probably get a mid-round #1, a second round and possibly fourth round picks in a trade (maybe even a swap of first round picks in 2007 and an extra first round pick in 2008).

I would think drafting a QB at #4 would be one of the worst things we could possibly do. If Simms and Grads aren't competing to be the future for this team then they shouldn't be on the roster and Simms certainly shuldn't have been re-signed. I'm still one of the few believers that thinks the Bucs see Simms as the QB of the future. The signing of Garcia was to assure that we have a QB that can win NOW if Simms shows himself not to be ready to be a #! QB.



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#32 : April 09, 2007, 12:42:44 PM

You all are assuming that if Gruden takes a QB in round one, it won't change his status of having to win this year. I think if he takes a QB in round one and shows the foresight that it takes to do that,  it would take some of the pressure off his win now mandate and may give him extra year.



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#33 : April 09, 2007, 03:47:37 PM

Allen / Gruden need to do what is best for the future of this franchise. I am not convinced that the QB position is one of depth. We have Garcia whom is a short term fix at best, Simms who has been labeled a prospect with potential, its time for his potential to surface. We have the rights to Plummer whom may retire or force a trade if he plays, we have McCown who was injured early last year and when brought back never received a snap, and we have Gradkowski whom in my opinion would not be claimed if waved by this team and is not an NFL caliber guy.
If Johnson or Thomas are gone I am good with the selection of Russel or Quinn. If Simms does not pan out we have no future QB on this roster, with Garcia we have maybe two years to groom a young QB.


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#34 : April 09, 2007, 09:13:16 PM

Simms didn't take us to the playoffs in 05. We got there in spite of him. And the shotgun isn't going to help him much, if at all. He sucks. He needs to pull off a miracle to keep his job.

  Agree he did not take the team there, but he did perform very well.  He played poorly in two games against very good competition last year.  In the third he was in position to win with the bucs, but ... well you know the rest.  He is in the mix and has earned the shot he has been given with his new contract.

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