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ATTENTION! Any Wrestling Fans here???


I'm not a wrestling fan but my parents got a hold of 2 tickets to the WWE Raw at the ST. pete Times Forum.... The event is sold out! and Im not going to go... If anyone wants em they are for sale..

Heres the Details:

Monday June 4th
St. pete Times forum
Two seats:
Section 104 Row M
Seat 13 and 14

I am selling em for $200.00 For both thats  $100.00 each OBO, They have upped the prices to almost triple what we payed, so thats a steal!

If you are interested either reply or PM me i will check the thread daily

Is Hovan going to be a ref at that one?


--- Quote from: JavaBuc on April 08, 2007, 01:31:35 PM ---Is Hovan going to be a ref at that one?

--- End quote ---

I doubt that. I think that was something more local, not WWE.



What's the face value?


--- Quote from: ufojoe55 on April 08, 2007, 01:56:47 PM ---What's the face value?

--- End quote ---

umm not sure ill find out i think 80.00 a piece im not completely positive tho...

Im gonna be getting a bucs tattoo pretty soon, I think im gonna get bucco bruce and the flag on my rib cage

Man, that is the exact tattoo I want.  It looks awesome too.


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