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Did any of you guys watch him in Action against Miami? Man, I miss this kid, miss his speed and determination. Despite his dropped balls, the kid was developing into something great. It ached me when they released him. He sparked the offense in Houston in a few drives with his speed and agility.

Best wishes to ya Edell ;D

Larry Brackins:

"Despite his dropped balls he was developing into something great"


lol, It's true though dude. Edell has a lot of potential.

Edell was a great route runner, and could be a good 3rd receiver, but there was just a logjam at WR for the bucs and they just coudn't keep him over the others. He could have been a younger Ike for the team if he actually held on to the balls that went his way. The guy can get separation from corners real well.

My point is Edell showed great promise and obviously the whole dropped ball thing he would've adjusted. He looked really good at the houston game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Bucs released him to keep Boston, but yet Boston is gone?

Am I missing something??
He had 1 catch for 7 yards, and a run for 6 yards against Miami.
His best play was a 41 yard KR... big deal.

Potential isn't enough, until it becomes fulfilled. Marquis Walker had "potential".

He's not gone because we decided to keep warren, at least not directly.  We are full on WR.  Stovall is likely going to be the real 4th reciever.  That is the reason he got cut.  It looks like the primary goal for that slot is return guy, and the team obviously thinks Warren will eventually be better.  If they cut Warren and he shows aces next year or late this year, we'd regret keeping shep, because all we are really looking for is a return guy.    Shep is good enough to play on some teams, and he knows it, he wouldn't stick around just to return, so we'd lose him fairly soon too.


--- Quote from: rocketspeed on October 03, 2006, 10:34:17 PM ---Despite his dropped balls, the kid was developing into something great.

--- End quote ---

I thought part of the problem was that his balls hadn't dropped yet?  ;)

Maybe I'm confused.  Or maybe they finally have.  ???

XXXVII Champs:
I liked Edell on the Bucs.  Good luck to him.


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