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Sunspots at 1000 Year High

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But the most striking feature, he says, is that looking at the past 1,150 years the Sun has never been as active as it has been during the past 60 years.

The article adds:

This latest analysis shows that the Sun has had a considerable indirect influence on the global climate in the past, causing the Earth to warm or chill, and that mankind is amplifying the Sun's latest attempt to warm the Earth.

So now the models that predict all this HCGW have apparently not taken into account the effect on sunspots so estimates that were greatly reduced in the 3rd IPCC report from the 2nd now might need to be loppsed off even more as even more "warming" isn't the fault of CO2.

Even if the doomsdays Global Warming crowd read this information it would not change their minds.  It is a religion.  A religion that is trying to stifle capitalism by any means necessary.

More evidence for 2012...

Just kidding. But it fits the pattern.


--- Quote from: ufojoe55 on April 10, 2007, 11:54:36 AM ---More evidence for 2012...

Just kidding. But it fits the pattern.

--- End quote ---

I saw a program on the History Channel last night about the Mayan Prophecies.  It sure was nice of the Spanish Christians to burn almost the entire written history.  The hieroglyphics were thought to be of the devil. 

Damn religion burned/destroyed so many books/documents/records. We'll never know what we missed.
Amazing the Dead Sea Scrolls survived.


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