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: April 16, 2007, 10:44:20 AM

So - 24 is enjoying it's best season ever, but Tony's back.

early thoughts:

AJ is a punk that is letting jungle fever get the best of him - the chick gets "did" before this is over
Meadow is still hot, and the idea of a mob connected (Imus) not being able to hook up with a dude is lame
Carmela has never looked better for a milf
Tony eats more than any 20 people i know
Christopher is a dead man
Bobby is body bag material after beatin' Tony's asssss over Janice
Janice is fat
"Cleaver" is as lame as the guy from "Wings" being on the Sopranos
The Asian chick in "Cleaver" was smokin'

all that and more as the season unfolds to Tony's murder - shall we start a perp' pool?  my guess - Carmela!


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#1 : April 16, 2007, 12:33:03 PM

My guess: somehow Adriana will make a comeback - and kill 'em all. And what about Junior?  As for Janice, she needs to be "whacked" as most of the characters......here's a summary I think of latest happenings............
Night at the movies: Christopher's movie "Cleaver" was finally finished, but Carmela wasn't impressed with its similarity to Tony's life. The main character had sex with the fiance of another character, and that reminded her of Christopher and Adriana. "The thing with Adriana? I told you it never happened. ... It's a movie, it's fictional," Tony said. But Carmela suggested that something might happen. "It's a revenge fantasy, Tony, which ends with the boss' head split open by a meat cleaver," she said.
No credit: At the screening of his film, Christopher introduced Tony by saying, "Without him, this whole thing would be impossible." That was definitely true, because the main character in the graphically violent horror film was a lot like Tony. Later, Carmela confronted Christopher over the similarities, but he said, "You're my cousin, and I love you, Carmela, but I don't like what you're inferring here, either with the movie or how I treated Adriana." He hit his screenwriter and forced him to tell Tony that the script was his idea.
Subconscious hatred: Tony thought the film was flattering to him at first, until Carmela's analysis started to sink in. "All I am to him is some ass---e bully," he told his therapist, Dr. Melfi.
"He f---ing hates me so much." Melfi told Tony, "Without invalidating your feelings, is it possible that on some level you're reading into all this?" But Tony said that, because of her help, he knew she was wrong. "I've been coming here for years," Tony said. "I know too much about the subconscious now."
Sad Sack victim: Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni died of stage four cancer while still imprisoned. His orderly in the hospital, played by Sydney Pollack, turned out to be a former oncologist who said he killed his own wife. He initially gave Johnny hope that he could live for years, but later said he was dying. Tony and his gang toasted his memory, and Tony said Johnny was a good man.
Check, please: Silvio was having dinner with Gerry Torciano, one of the possible successors to Johnny Sack. "The important thing is we all work together, whoever ends up in the driver's seat," Silvio said. As two women joined them, Sivio started talking in slow motion and the sound dropped out, and suddenly he was sprayed with blood: Gerry's. Someone working for Doc Santoro came in and shot him. No one, it seems, will be working with Gerry.
Vengeful candidate: On a fictional talk show, Geraldo Rivera addressed the "apparent mob power vacuum here in New York City," and his guest called New York a "dysfunctional family." Even before Johnny Sack's death, they discussed possible replacements for him, including Phil, who is still upset that "Tony Soprano's cousin ... murdered [Phil's brother] Billy," he said.
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