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So, I was watching the first SAW movie the other day ( good freaky flick ) and started wondering what if I were in that situation?  After careful consideration, and being the little squimish p***y that I am, I disregarded the thought QUICKLY!  an considered a  MORE comfortable substitute...

Would MacGyver be able to win if he was in SAW? If you're not familiar with MacGyver I'd suggest google him, AND rent any of the seasons. It's one of my All time Favorite shows, besides Quantum Leap.




Here's my Scenario...

* MacGyver, our poor desolate Hero is encapsulated with what appears to be a torturing device around his neck. After viewing the dreadful Video clip of the Jigsaw threat, MacGyver ensues by vomiting a Q-Tip. As always MacGyver is one step ahead!!!! MacGyver quickly uses his miniscule weapon by cleaning out his gunk from his ear, he follows by using the gunk to clog the ticking device. MacGyver quickly proceeds by cracking open his watch and using a tiny needle from his watch, he uses the needle to unlock the Device. - MacGyver is Free!*

Hopefully he wouldnt make it

Off topic, but I saw ab ad for that movie reality show on tv the other day, and it got me curious.....did you make the show?

wouldnt you check the guy on the ground ?  to see if hes breathing?


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