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Sex, Marriage, Monogamy and Jealousy

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There's been a few threads and discussions lately on sex, marriage, infidelity,
and other related subjects.

My questions, intended to promote discussion, are these:

1) Is jealousy an emotion we are born with or is it taught/learned?

2) Is monogamy the natural state for humans?

I won't go first this time but I think several of you know my feelings on this...

Who's first?


IMHO jealousy is an emotion we are born with. I think monogamy is more natural for women than for men. I am not, however, advocating adultery. Sex is very emotional for women, for men it's like brushing your teeth. We'd do it three times a day if we could and wouldn't remember who we did it with the day before.

1) no your born with it, stems back to win kids have bigger better toys then you, you naturally want it, and if you dont get it your jelous over it

2) I would say in the 50's and 60's when poeple it wasnt common to cheat, or when the stepford wifes would condem you, I would say this day in age monogamy does not happen or at least not talked about

Jealousy is somthing your born with.  Alstott 40 said it exactly how iwas going to.

Monogamy... Well Joe I think you know my feeling on that know. What do they say that only 2 types of mammals are manogamous, humans being one. I feel monogamy is due to moral and social acceptance  it is not a natural state.

i think chasing tail falls under one of them there inalienable rights - pursuit of tail or something like dat...


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