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One VERY Strange Story.

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Boid Fink:

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--- Quote from: Boid Fink on April 20, 2007, 11:31:38 AM ---Maybe someone fell overboard, and the others jumped in to save them....sharks?

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I was thinking pirates as well, but no valubales apparently missing, and I don't think pirates are active in that area(?) Or like Boid said, could be like that hokey movie Open Waters. Regardless seems very strange to me.

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That is not what happened in Open Waters...or am I thinking of the wrong movie?  The tour boat miscounted the people onboard, when they recounted it was as if everyone was there...they take off...the divers getr left behind...they die.

I alluded to maybe someone fell overboard, or someone went for a swim, and something happened.

And then the crew went in to the rescue, shark attack at the wrong time.

But the sail was damaged, but that could have been there already.

Who knows.  It is odd though.

Talk about a mundo bizzaro story. A yacht out at sea, with the motor running, food on the table, computers working, but no crew anywhere to be seen. Sounds like something from the imagination of a screenwriter's dream.  I guess truth is always stranger than fiction.

Anybody got a theory on this one?


Rescuers in Australia are trying to solve the mystery of a yacht found drifting in calm waters off the Great Barrier Reef with food on the table, computers and engine running, but no sign of the three-man crew.
The 12-metre catamaran Kaz II was first spotted drifting off north Queensland on Wednesday by an aircraft on coastguard duty. A rescue helicopter was sent to the scene and circled overhead several times, with the pilot radioing back that there was no one aboard.

Article continues
Emergency services who later boarded the craft found it in good order but said there was no sign of the crew of three men aged 53, 66 and 69.
Emergency Management Queensland spokesman Jon Hall said rescuers were puzzled because "everything appeared normal".

"It looked like the boat had been recently abandoned. The engine was still running in neutral [but] one of the sails had been damaged," he said.

"There was a laptop computer on board and running with power, the computers on board were running, all of their clothing was still there.

"The table was actually set for a meal with food and cutlery in place. The radio was working, the GPS was working and things below deck were normal except for the absence of crew."

Three lifejackets and survival equipment, including an emergency beacon, were found on board, but no life rafts.

Mr Hall said emergency crews returned to the boat this morning, around 160km east of Townsville, to check that no one was trapped inside.

He said they retrieved the boat's GPS system to analyse data for clues as to the crew's disappearance.

"It will enable us to track backwards where this yacht has actually been in the last few days, and we're hoping that can pinpoint the search area for the missing crew," he said.

Emergency workers have also retrieved computers, diaries and charts and the boat is being towed to shore for closer inspection.

"It seems very unusual," the north Queensland police chief Superintendent Roy Wall told, reporters in Townsville.

"The weather on Sunday, Monday wasn't too good - there was a fair sort of a wind blowing out there. But it's improved since then, so who knows what could have happened."

Police said they believed the three friends had bought the boat recently and were planning to sail it back to Western Australia. Their families have been informed.,,2061935,00.html

yea probably a double murder and a suicide. Question where the hell would the bodies be?

Sounds like pirates to me.

Boid Fink:
Maybe someone fell overboard, and the others jumped in to save them....sharks? 


--- Quote from: Groovatron on April 20, 2007, 07:11:13 PM ---Sounds like pirates to me.

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pirates how?  ransom?  don't pirates usually take the boat or valuables?

Possible the idiots all decided to take a swim and the boat drifted away from them too fast?  Not saying that is an intelligent thing to do, but who knows?  Maybe one took a swim, have a heart attack and the other two jumped in after him?

What they usually do is take what they want and kill whoever is on the boat.

It's pretty clear what happened:

UFO swooped down, damaged the sail and abducted the crew.

Well, aliens can be pirates, too. ;D


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