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First that nutty astronaut with the this...

What kind of operation are they running over there at NASA?

I just cannot believe how many back to back shootings keep happening, to the point where you just wonder where & when the next one takes place!


--- Quote from: Buckaroo55 on April 22, 2007, 09:38:02 PM ---I just cannot believe how many back to back shootings keep happening, to the point where you just wonder where & when the next one takes place!

--- End quote ---

220 school incidents in the United States involving guns since the Columbine incident in 1999. Before that the number was extremely low. Even shootings in the workplace have increased substantially since Columbine.

Some of it is copy-cats. But when you look at school shootings, the gunman almost always fits the same profile. Depressed, lonely, bullied, outcasted. In one survey, over 1/3rd of high school students claimed they are harrassed or bullied on a daily basis. They get picked on for how they walk, how they talk, how they look, even what brand of clothes they wear. It has gotten out of control. And schools are not doing anything about it. There was a court ruling out of New Jersey I posted on here a few months ago when the court ruled that the school, the faculty, and the school administration CAN BE HELD responsible for damages if they do not stop bullying since it is considered harrassment.
If you are being harrassed in the workplace, you go to your supervisor. And if the supervisor does not take action to end it, you can sue your employer. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the same idea applies to schools. If a student goes to a faculty member or the administration and reports being harrassed, the school must take steps to stop it.

There is also a lot more pressure on today's youth. Parents demand an awful lot out of their children. They want straight A's and they want them to go to college and be a doctor or a lawyer. We all want our kids to be successful, but not everyone can be a doctor. Not everyone can get straight A's. And for some reason there are some parents out there that have the belief that you can't be successful without these college degrees. Which is false. But what these parents do is instill this belief in their children. So now suddenly when the child gets a C on their report card, they feel like they failed even though they passed. So even though they passed, they become depressed because they failed to meet their parent's expectations. Now add in the fact that there may be some mental instability to begin practially create a time bomb.
And I havn't even touched on peer pressure which is unbelievable.

In the workplace, there are lots of stresses there as well. And in shootings that involve the workplace, you still deal with the same kind of thing. A person that may not be mentally stable gets overloaded, overworked, or overstressed and they can just pop the same way. In this situation at NASA, this employee got a bad work evaluation. And that is apparently what set him off. We do not know all the factors in that case yet, but I give a high probability that this employee was overstressed and did have some mental health issues.


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