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The show was renewed for a second season. Read it on awhile back.

These are the final 5 episodes for this season. Not sure why this show is compared to X-Men where X-Men takes place at a school, and the genral population knows about mutants. In Heroes, the general population is unaware that people have these abilities. Also, the X-Men were created as a comparision to the racial tension in the United states of the 1960's. Thus the themes of predujice and hate in the early X-Men comics and the fight for equal rights for mutants.

Good show can't wait!!

as much as I like the show, I think it should end strong.  Big part of the show is the building plot, and you can only build this so long before it gets stale.  Close the show out.  Anything more would seem like an X-Men continuation...

Bucs N Beers:
Just a reminder to all you other Heroes junkies, the show comes back tomorrow night. Bout time if you ask me.

Can't wait.

Thanks for the reminder !!


when they say FINAL EPISODES, does this mean there is no 2nd season? is this it??

I was wondering the same thing.

Part of me hopes it is the final episodes.

Skull and Bones:
Great.  I was wondering when new episodes were coming.  Best TV show on IMO.


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