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Will wind be a factor?

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Wind gusts of up to 50 mph in the meadowlands today..

Do you think grads is going to have problems? Sal Palintonio of ESPN just said he has completed only 4 passes for more then 10 yards in the last two games.. I didnt know that LOL..

Good luck bruce and go bucs!

ABuccs Fan:

mjs020294: says winds of 25 mph and gusts of 32 mph.

ABuccs Fan:
Sustained winds of 25 miles per hour are pretty severe.  Sustained being the keyword.

It's pretty windy here and I am about 2 hours away from the Meadowlands. The winds are going to be a factor.

Interestingly enough I think I remember Gruden making a comment about this very situation before. He wanted a kicker who knew how to kick in the swirling winds at the Meadowlands. Well, Bryant was that kicker.

Anyways, the wind will be a bit of a factor today. It is cold here too...probably going to be in the mid to low 40s. That wind rips right through you too which makes it feel in the 30s. They better break out the long sleeves and jackets today and run the ball and use the short passing game.

Nothin like multiple threads on the same subject.

who cares? some of you put the board police uniform on to much.

Maybe this is what we need to get cadillac his 20-25+ carries.

ABuccs Fan:

--- Quote from: Hit55Fan on October 29, 2006, 11:23:43 AM ---who cares? some of you put the board police uniform on to much.

--- End quote ---
Common sense!!

surely its a benefit to us because Eli is more likely to be throwing bombs that grad is.


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