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I thought the Bucs might make some panic moves in this draft with Gruden/Allen on the hot seat but they didnt. Not splashy picks but necessary. 

How come people are in an uproar about the Aaron Sears pick?  I don't understand...I mean just be thankful we aren't the Eagles taking the 6th rated Qb in the 2nd round...or that we didn't do something stupid like drafting a WR or Tony Ugoh....

I mean we already have the right side locked up with Jeremy Trueblood and Davin Joseph.

We just added 2 potential starters on the lines and that is where games are the trenches...

Im assuming we all like the Gaines Adams pick at #4 with Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson off the board.  I believe we need to go Defense again with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round....maybe DeMarcus Tyler?

But as for WR...i think were fine with young first day picks in MichaeL Clayton and Maurice Stovall.  I mean the only reason we were looking at CJ is because he is a once in a life time guy.

But anyway so far I like what IM seeing with Sears and Adams...  Hopefully we can another defensive player in the 2nd or maybe a Leonard in the 3rd...

dude, I'm all for the FO but that was a BIG TIME BAD PICK.

We could have had a VERY good center in Kalil and if you can't see that then...

Granted I too wanted Kalil, 'ville, but I can also see that Kalil is STILL on the boad long after the Bucs pick.

We could have gotten Ryan Kalil or Chris Houston,traded Kelly for compensation. I hate the pick because we could have gotten Josh Beekman at 64 if we wanted a guard! We missed out on 2 talents, Houston and Kalil. We need to take Charles Johnson next pick. I like the Adams pick but I hate the 35th pick we should have just traded into the 1st round.


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