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totally exposed


We don't have a game breaker on special teams, the D is now a notch above average, that leaves the offense ... totally exposed.  We're way too young running an incredibly complicated offense.  There is no room for ANY mistakes ... i.e. Galloway's drops, Clayton's drop in the endzone and fumble ...  And, let's remember ... in getting Gruden we lost some high draft picks and McKay screwed us in the salary cap.  No playoffs this year and maybe none for a few years.   :-X

The way I see it, the dropped balls and the TO took us out of the game. If Clayton or Galloway catches one o those deep balls, then we have a good chace to win the game.

Bottom line...we can't get down 14-0 with a rookie QB.

I think we come back next year, way under the cap we can get a few free agents.. I just don't know what to do for a Quarterback.... Plus we have 3 of the first 60 picks in the 2007 draft...


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