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Does it seem that gruden hasn't really liked his former starting qb's?


i mean seriously...all the sudden now he wants to put the shotgun in? c'mon where was this in week 3...could've prevented simms from being hospitalized...hes killin' me

yes, shotgun would have prevented Simms from being hospitalized.   [banghead]

Glad the banghead is back.

well yeah it could possibly have, being given him more time to get the hell out of the way cuz he can actually see where the pressure is coming from a little bit better... so dont start being an ass with the headbanging gimmick being honest...the beginning of this year Gru shot the shotgun theory all the sudden it's an option...and dont give me that it's becuz were 0-3 junk...becuz after the superbowl we had 2 losing seasons and everybody was calling for it then...

I think you're taking a big leap from speculation that the shotgun may appear to the assumption that it will be a big part of the game plan.

they're considering, not implementing the shotgun as Grads excelled in it at may just be a way to keep the kid comfortable until he can adjust to the game speed.....

Gruden wants to win, period. He'd play Satan if he thought he could win. No conspiracy here, just poor play all around that got us 0-3.

my post from another thread:
grads has only been setting up exclusively under center for about 5 months, mostly in the 3 months since TC began.  simms at least had a season's worth of practices and then some to get accustomed to the snap from center....if he didn't go to the shotgun for other QB's, it's because he had confidence in their ability to do their job just as well without it as they would with it. some say it's because he likes zeke better than previous QB's, i say it's because he's not sure how much change zeke can handle..................if it even happens. this is the same coach who caused a stir by playing Barber at WR for a few practices and nothing came of it.

gru has forgotten more about football than most of us will ever learn, and i'm sure his refusal of the shotgun is based on something more than the childish "but i don't wanna!!!" motive most are attributing to him...funny how coaches get slated for their stubbornness and unwillingness to do it the same way others have, when that's a good part of the reason they became head coaches in the first place


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