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: May 02, 2007, 05:34:19 PM

I know it's early and all, but who do you feel will make the team and who do you think will get the ax? 

QB(3): Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski

*Everyone saw Gruden slip up in an interview and show his true feelings that he wants Jeff Garcia to be the starter.  Simms is a servicable back-up, while I feel Gradkowski has more upside and playing exerpience then Luke McCown.  You have to throw in the Jake Plummer senario, but I honestly see him retiring.  I know he hasn't filed the papers yet, but I think he eventually will.  He's probably just too lazy to file them and wanted to keep his options open, but now it seems teams have their starters...

RB(3): Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, Michael Pittman, Earnest Graham

*The first two are no-brainers, but there should be an interesting camp battle between Earnest Graham and Kenneth Darby.  I just feel that they will go with the guy that has been on the team the past couple years.

FB(2): Mike Alstott, B.J. Askew

WR(6): Joey Galloway, Michael Clayton, Maurice Stovall, Ike Hilliard, David Boston, Paris Warren

*Right now I don't see anything changing about that one.  I think the final two spots will come down between Boston, Warren, and Mark Jones.  Gruden seems to like Boston, while I think Warren offers more as a reciever then Jones.  You also saw Jones duties as the punt return diminish a little towards the end of the year...

TE(3): Alex Smith, Jerramy Stevens, Dave Moore

*Should be an interesting camp battle between Stevens and Smith for the #1 spot.  I think this means that Anthony Becht is the odd man out, while they keep Dave Moore around for long snapping duties.  I like T.J. Williams just as much as the next guy, and I'm truley rooting for him; but I don't know if he'll show enough to make it.

T(4): Luke Pettigout, Jeremy Trueblood, Anthony Davis, Kenyatta Walker

*That is right were getting Kenyatta Walker back.  Just when you thought we got rid of him, he's coming back.  I think the first 3 guys are pretty self explanitory, but I don't think Colmer is going to rebound and be released.

G(4): Davin Joseph, Arron Sears, Matt Lehr, Jeb Terry

*I think Matt Lehr will show enough to make the team.  I'm not sure of the status of Terry, but we need depth.  Did we sign him yet?  I know he's a RFA.

C(2): Dan Buenning, John Wade

*I know many think that we will release Wade if Buenning beats him out, but I think he'll stick around.  Disregarding Buenning's injury issues, I think that they will keep Wade around for him being a decent center.  I don't know why everyone is so quick to give him the hook.

DE(4): Simeon Rice, Gaines Adams, Greg Spires, Juliun Jenkins

*We better keep Simeon Rice.  I'll be pissed if we unload him.  I want to see how the rush is with him and Adams on the ends...

DT(4): Kevin Carter, Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Ellis Wyms

*I think were going to restructure Wyms contract.  I know your saying Greg Peterson, but I see him making the pratice squad.  He can easily make the team however, if the Bucs release Sims or Wyms or decide to move Wyms to end and release Spires or Jenkins.

The defensive line will be the hardest to predict...

LB(6): Derrick Brooks, Barrett Ruud, Cato June, Ryan Nece, Quincy Black, Patrick Chuckwurth

*Adam Hayward and Jamie Winborns are the odd guys out.  I see Hayward as a possibly p/s player.  I know everyone is angry that the 5-6-7 round picks aren't making the team, but I just don't feel we drafted that well towards the end.  Don't get me wrong, I thinK Hayward is a great player, I just think were fulled with too much talent at the position.

CB(6): Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly, Phillip Bucchanon, Alan Zemietis, Torrie Cox, Sammy Davis

*No real shockers here with the releases of Bolden and Adams already in place.

S(4): Jermaine Phillips, Sabby Piscateli, Will Allen, Tenard Jackson

Matt Bryant and Josh Bidwell round out the 53 man roster....

I know I get some grumblings about Peterson and Hayward not making the team....



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#1 : May 02, 2007, 06:40:52 PM

QB (3) - Chris Simms, Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski

If the season started today, Chris Simms would get the start.  I will reflect that until TC.  I do honestly believe Simms will win the job though.

HB (3) - Carnell Williams, Michael Pittman, Kenneth Darby

I like Graham, but he is what he is.  He will never be more on this team than a ST guy and a preseason warrior.  So, we got comparable player in Darby who is cheaper.  No brainer, though the TC battle here will be interesting.

FB (2) - Mike Alstott, BJ Askew

No surprises.  The only question is how much we actually ask of Alstott for his 1.5 Mil.

WR (6) - Joey Galloway, Michael Clayton, Maurice Stovall, David Boston, Parris Warren, Chad Owens

David Boston does enough to make the roster.  Warren and Hilliard are about equal, so go with the cheaper player.  Owens will win the PR/KR job.

TE (3) - Alex Smith, Anthony Betch, TJ Williams

The team was high on Williams before he got injured last year.  3rd TE is really more of a ST  player so I like the young guy.  Betch could be replaced by Stevans, but I believe the Bucs gave him the same ultimatum Darrell Russell got.  I just can't see a guy with several DUI staying away from the alcohol.  He gets cut sometime during camp for drinking.

T (3) - Luke Petitgout, Jeremy Trueblood, Anthony Davis

We are good enough this year to go light on the depth.  Anthony Davis will backup both tackle positions.  We will have Chris Denman on the PS ready to go should we have a long term injury.  A 4th tackle wouldn't be on the game day active roster anyways.

G (3) - Arron Sears, Davin Joseph, Matt Lehr

Again we are good enough to go with three here.  We can hide a guard on PS for emergencies, but with Davis, Lehr and Buenning able to play guard in a inch, there is no need to keep 4.

C (2) - Dan Buenning, John Wade

If we need an emergency guard, Buening can move over and Wade can play C.  Lehr would probably be the first sub for Buenning though, so Wade is really just depth.  We could cut him in favor of Jeb Terry at G and list Lehr as a C.

DE (5) - Simeon Rice, Gaines Adams, Greg Spires, Charles Bennett, Patrick Chukwurah

I won't even try to guess who plays what side.  I think it will change from down to down.  I would prefer to put Adams at RE and leave him, if he starts.  I know everyone says a 4th overall pick HAS to start but I am not worried about that.  Rice will be gone in a year, we all know it, so make him move to LE.  The rook has to get acclimated to the NFL, we don't need to throw multiple positions at him.  I like Charles Bennett, but he could be dropped to the PS if he is eligible.  I put Chukwarah at end because in this defense I think he is an end and not a OLB.

DT (5) - Kevin Carter, Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Julian Jenkins, Greg Peterson

Ellis Wyms is way too expensive for his development and production.  Jenkins was chosen over Mark Anderson last year because of his similar play style to Wyms.  Since Wyms production was not as expected, might as well go with the cheaper player in Jenkins.  At least there is some upside.  This is compounded by the staff's desire to get bigger at DT.  Wyms does not fit the mold and at his salary he will not be kept IMHO.

LB (7) - Derrick Brooks, Cato Jue, Barrett Ruud, Ryan Nece, Jaime Winborn, Quincy Black, Adam Hayward

We went heavy on LB last year with ST players Cash and Mallard.  This shocked a lot of people.  So yes, Hayward will make the team for ST ability.  I think Winborn will compete at MLB with Ruud.  The drafting of Black, IMHO, signals the Bucs feel Jue is a SLB and the heir apparent to Brooks was not on the roster.  Black looks like Brooks replacement.  I expect Jue/Nece to be SLB, Ruud/Winborn at MLB, and Brooks/Black at WLB.  Hayward will strictly be a ST guy so his "position" won't really matter.

CB (5) - Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly, Philip Buchanon, Alan Zemaitis, Torrie Cox

Torrie Cox and Sammy Davis battle for the last spot.  I'll give it to the veteran to the system for the moment.

S (4) Sabby Piscitelli, Will Allen, Jermain Phillips, Tanard Jackson

I think Sabby will beat out Phillips at SS.  Jackson will take a year to beat out Will Allen.

K (1) - Matt Bryant

P (1) Josh Bidwell

Offense: 25
Defense: 26
Other: 2



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#2 : May 02, 2007, 06:56:13 PM

If you meant 6 de you are light 1

Doh, Thanks.  Fixed it now we'll have Greg Peterson whether he impresses or not  ;-)


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#3 : May 02, 2007, 06:50:08 PM

If you meant 6 de you are light 1

#4 : May 03, 2007, 02:08:53 AM

There is still going to be a lot of players changing teams.



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#5 : May 03, 2007, 02:04:54 AM

OK, here is my guess, not as fancy as your guys, but just simple

QB-Jeff Garcia-Chris Simms-Bruce Gradkowski

RB-Cadillac Williams,Michael Pittman,Earnest Graham

FB-Mike Alstott-BJ Askew

WR-Joey Galloway-Michael Clayton-Ike Hilliard,Maurice Stovall,David Boston,Chad Owens

TE-Alex Smith-Anthony Becht-Jerramy Stevens

OT-Luke Petitgout,Anthony Davis,Jeremy Trueblood,Chris Denman

OG-Davin Joseph, Arron Sears, Dan Buenning


DE-Simeon Rice,Gaines Adams,Greg Spires,Charles Bennett

DT-Chris Hovan,Ryan Sims,Kevin Carter,Greg Peterson,Julian Jenkins (although I think Wyms could be cut)

LB-LB-Derrick Brooks,Cato June, Jamie Winborn,Barrett Ruud,Ryan Nece,Patrick Chukwurah,Quincy Black

CB-CB-Ronde Barber,Brian Kelly, Phillip Buchanon,Torrie Cox,Sammy Davis

S-Jermaine Phillips,Will Allen,Sabby Piscitelli,Tanard Jackson

K-Matt Bryant

P-Josh Bidwell



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#6 : May 02, 2007, 11:27:19 PM

QB(3)- chris simms, jeff garcia, b-grads
i'm part of the minority that thinks simms will be the starter. garcia is 36? and is more than a servicable backup. but i dont think he should be the opening day starter. thats not to say he'll start at some point this season...

RB(4)- cadillac, pitt, graham, darby
graham makes it based on experience. he beats out darby...barely. everyone says he's too slow. what he lacks in speed he makes up in elusivness. the kid's slippery. he'll crack the 53 man roster at some point this season

FB(2)- alstott, askew
alstott's role will diminish further this season as askew gets the bulk of the work @ FB. the kid they're trying to convert from DE will make the practice squad surprisingly.

WR(7)- galloway, clayton, stovall, boston, hilliard, owens, russell
stovall will beat out hilliard for the 3rd spot on the depth chart. chad owens sticks around as a return man...spelling the end for mark jones. gessner will stick around on the practice squad.

TE(3)- smith, stevens, williams
its a toss up between dave moore and t.j. williams. i think they want to give williams at least a shot to prove himself.

T(3)- pettigout, trueblood, anothony davis
davis can play both sides of the line. colmer is pretty much a write off. so peace out

G(3)- davin, sears, clinkscale
joseph and sears will be the opening day starters. i think clinkscale will show enough in NFL europe to earn a backup role

C(3)-beunning, lehr, milhauser
IMO lehr starts the season as the starter, allowing beunning to fully recover. milhauser can slide back and forth from G to C

DE(4)- simeon, adams, chuckwurah, bennett/jenkins (toss up)
i think chuck will play LB in some situations. bennett, jenkins and KC will alternate between DE and DT

DT-(5) hovan, carter, wyms, sims, haye
hovan and carter will start opening day. sims and wyms will be used in heavy rotation. haye will be used in certain situations. peterson will put on the weight and move to DT. but wil be on the practice squad

LB(7)- brooks, ruud, june, winborn, nece, black, hayward
june is the heir apparent to brooks but until then he'll play on the other side. when brooks feels its time to leave june will slide over and winborn will start. until then winborn and nece will be backups. hayward will be a ST ace IMO and quincy black will push ruud at MLB

CB(5)- ronde, BK, buchanon, davis, zem, t.cox
ronde and BK will start. buchanon will be the nickel and sammy davis will battle zemaitis for the 4th spot. cox is a special teams demon

S(4)- philips, allan, sabby, t jackson
phillips holds off jackson for a starting spot, but allan isnt so lucky. piscitelli will over take will for the other starting postion

K(1)- matt bryant


and there you have it. the 53 lucky bucs 8)


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#7 : May 02, 2007, 11:47:07 PM

I would hope that Peterson would make the 53 man.


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#8 : May 02, 2007, 11:59:53 PM

With our draft picks, trades, and signings, this is what I think the roster is going to look like for the coming season.

QB: Garcia, Simms, Gradkowski

I think this is pretty much set unless Plummer shocks us all and "unretires". I think with the new line and shotgun, Simms is going to improve and Garcia will be a great insurance policy. May the best man win.

RB: Williams, Pittman, Graham

This is fairly obvious to me also. Darby is really going to have to shine to make this roster. Graham looked really good last preseason, but he does tend to fumble.

FB: Alstott, Askew

I think Askew will take over the primary blocking duties eventually and that will allow Mike to be used more in short yard situations and stay freshing throughout the game. I see Mike more as a situational player this year than our primary full back.

WR: Galloway, Clayton, Stovall, Hilliard, Boston, Owens

The Bucs rarely carry more than 6 WRs and with the depth we have everywhere, I just can't see us carying more than 6. I think the top 4 are set in stone and Warren will battle Boston for that lest pure WR spot. I am giving the nod to Boston because I hear good things about him and when healthy, he has much more talent than Warren. Owen I think beats out Jones as the kick returner.

TE: Smith, Becht, Stephens

I see the Bucs carying only 3 TEs again. Again, we just have too much depth elsewhere. I think Stephens makes the roster. T.J. Williams didn't show me anything last year before he got hurt. Stephens has more talent and is bigger and can black. I see Williams on the practice squad.

T: Petitgout, Trueblood, Davis, Denman

I think the frist 3 are a given and Davis can also backup at guard. He's going to be a valuable asset. Because the Bucs have so many players that can play different line positions, they might be able to get away with 1 less lineman this year. I know it's a long shot, but for some reason I think Denman is going to make the final roster. One, he's a draft pick, and two, I just don't like any of the other tackles we have.

G: Sears, Joseph, Terry

Sears is going to be given the starting job I believe like Joseph was last year. I say put him in from day one and see what he can do. Let Davis move around and be our primary backup. Joseph is going to kick ass and take names at RG and I think Terry will be resigned. If I remember correctly he can also long snap. He's who I project to win that duty and save the Bucs from having to sign a specialist for the long snapping duties.

C: Wade, Buenning

I think Wade is going to start out as the starter, but if Buenning can beat him out, then Wade could get cut and you could see Lehr as the backup. I believe the Bucs like him.

DE: Rice, Spires, Adams, Chukwurah

Rice and Spires will start for now, but I think as the season wears on, we are going to see more and more of Adams. Chukwurah is going to be a guy who can do a lot of different things. I know many people think Bennett or Jenkins will make the team, but right now, I just don't have room for them. The Bucs usually keep 8-9 D-Linemen. To do that, one of the DTs like Wyms or Sims would have to not make the team.

DT: Hovan, Carter, Wyms, Peterson, Sims

Even though Wyms has a high salary and could be cut, I like him better than Peterson and Sims right now. I think the only locks here are the frist two guys mentioned.

OLB: Brooks, June, Winborn, Black, Hayward

With the influx of talent at LB, I think one of these guys isn't going to make it...or you might see Nece gone. The Bucs rarely keep 7 LBs. For now, I am going to keep them on the roster.

ILB: Ruud, Nece

Not much else to say. I have moved Nece to MLB because he is the biggest LB the Bucs have...that's the only reason.

CB: Barber, Kelly, Buchanon, Harris, Zemaitis

The only question mark here is Harris or Cox and I think word is that Harris is someone the Bucs really like. I think he makes the team. Zemaitis will actually dress and play in a game this year.

S: Phillips, Allen, Piscitelli, Jackson

Neither of the rookies start, but I bet they get lots of playing time. If the Bucs have troubles early on with Phillips or Allen, then put the rookies in. If we are going to get beat, we might as well do so with the rookies so they can get on the job training. With that being said, I am hopeful Morris can resurrect Phillips' and Allen's careers.

K: Bryant
P: Bidwell

Whoa...shiver me ****in timbers!


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#9 : May 03, 2007, 07:49:54 AM

QB-Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski

RB-Cadillac Williams, Michael Pittman, Earnest Graham

FB-Mike Alstott, BJ Askew

WR-Joey Galloway, Michael Clayton, Maurice Stovall, Ike Hilliard, David Boston, Chaz Gessner

TE-Alex Smith, Jerramy Stevens, Anthony Becht

OT-Luke Petitgout, Anthony Davis, Jeremy Trueblood, Chris Denman

OG-Davin Joseph, Arron Sears, Jeb Terry, {Anthony Davis}{Matt Lehr}

C-Dan Buenning, Matt Lehr

DE-Simeon Rice, Gaines Adams, Greg Spires, Charles Bennett, {Kevin Carter}{Patrick Chukwurah}

DT-Kevin Carter, Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Ellis Wyms, Greg Peterson

LB-LB-Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Barrett Ruud, Quincy Black, Jamie Winborn, Patrick Chukwurah

CB-ORonde Barber, Brian Kelly, Phillip Buchanon, Torrie Cox, Sammy Davis, Allan Zemitis

S-Jermaine Phillips, Will Allen, Sabby Piscitelli, Tanard Jackson

K-Matt Bryant

P-Josh Bidwell

LS - {Jeb Terry}

PR/KR-{Phillip Buchanon}{Torrie Cox}

no.1 fan-BTownBucFan ;)


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#10 : May 03, 2007, 07:58:14 AM

I'm too lazy, what BTown said.


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#11 : May 03, 2007, 09:27:27 AM

Kenyatta Walker is not on the team Badabingnrt

#12 : May 03, 2007, 09:41:31 AM

Kenyatta Walker is not on the team Badabingnrt

He said we would get him back...I might for league MIN

#13 : May 03, 2007, 10:13:51 AM

Barring RFA/Practice sqaders making the team

QB- Simms, Garcia, McCown
Emergency/Designated Bench Warmer- Gradkowski

RB- Caddy, Pittman, Darby, Graham

FB-Allstott, Askew,Graham

WR- Galloway, Stovall, Clayton, Hilliard, Boston, Owens
Release/Signed to PS-Warren

TE- Smith, Stevens, Becht
Pelease- Moore

T- Pettigout, Trueblood, Davis

G- Joseph,Davis,  Sears, Terry

C-Buenning, Lehr


DE- Rice, Adams, Spires, Carter,Chuckwurth
Release/Signed to PS- Jenkins

DT- Carter, Hovan, Simms, Wyms

LB- Brooks, Ruud, June,Winborn, Nece,Black

CB- Barber,Kelly (holdout), Bucchanon, Tanard Jackson, Cox, Davis

S- Phillips, Allen, Zemitis, Piscatelli

K-Bryant, Bidwell

P-Bidwell, Bryant

KR- Owens, Cox

PR- Pittman, Owens

Offense- 28
SP teams-2

Booker Reese

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#14 : May 03, 2007, 10:36:32 AM

I won't go through all 53, but no way is Yatta back.

Also, most of you are sleeping on Jovan Haye. I think he easily has the edge on Jenkins, and I wouldn't be surprise if Hayes sticks over Wyms.
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