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Uncle Stan

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« #30 : October 30, 2006, 11:19:08 AM »


The overall expectations of most fans were not realistic, IMO.

We had a lot of lucky breaks last year. Your "worst winning team in 2005" is oh so true.

We were not able to be very active in FA due to cap restraints, so we were basically going with the same team and going from a fairly easy schedule to one of the toughest.

One with an open mind and not heavy on the kool aide would know that we were not going to have a good year.

It was compounded by the loss of Simms and Walker (more experienced than a rookie).

Many of the national media pegged us as having a defense that was getting old and did not predict us to do well. Well you would have thought they dropped an atomic bomb with the way some on here responded. It would appear they were more than right and many here were just chug-a lugging the kool-aide loaded with a stimulant of some kind.

Although maybe too soon to really tell, there appears to be some hope for the near future. The new right side of the OL shows a lot of promise. Grads, despite what some think after yesterday, still shows promise. Booger is finally gone. Cap money available and at least 4 picks the first day also bodes well. Our schedule next years offers more hope.

This year needs to be emotionally treated as a rebuild year. Nothing more nothing less. every game we win is a plus. The exeperience some of the rookies are getting is great.

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« #31 : October 30, 2006, 11:44:09 AM »

If our WR's catch and we don't turn the ball over...we win


Second String

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« #32 : October 30, 2006, 11:58:43 AM »

Good response keeponbucn... I coached basketball for the past 12 years and the same type of argument would  come up for some games...For example, a team would just pack it and play a real tight conservative and disciplined 2-3 zone forcing us to take more outside shots than we normally do...and then some wannabe coaches criticizes that we are shooting to much from the outside...Or a team that presses can make you play at a different tempo than you want...Heck, look at the way international clubs play our USA team...

Do you guys not realize that maybe the Giants were daring us to throw and playing the run(especially with a rookie quarterback, a young stud running back, a strong pass rush and windy conditions)?  Gruden probably saw all sorts of mismatches in the secondary and if our guys would have caught a few, not turned the ball over, not gotten penalties at key moments and some other passes were more on target, it would have been a different game...It not only would have led to some points but also may have changed the defensive tactics of the Giants...

As in any sport, if the game was a simple as fans thought it was...then anyone could be a coach...and if simply being a fan required some deeper thinking, intelligence and maturity...then their would hardly be any fans(especially from this board).  That is simply the way it is and it will always be that way.
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