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: October 31, 2006, 12:29:34 PM

Ok guys, look we are all  bucs fans here. Everyone is stewed at something going on with the team from the coach to the QB to the players to whatever.

The Bucs have been fortunate for a long time by having guys like Barber, Brooks, Rice, Kelly, Quarles on defense and keeping a hold of them. What has really transpired over the past 6 years is that we have lost 4 1st round picks, players that would be in their prime. Granted they could be bust, whatever, just hear me out. We have lost 2 2nd round players. That is 6 players that you would figure to play a major part in the future of an organization.

Since this we have acquired a very pedestrian offensive line and the defense has slowed down (just this year) a little bit, with no real viable options/highly touted players on the depth chart to take over. We have Clayton who appears to be in otter space and cannot elevate his game. We have no QB and we lack an elite LT on the line. Those are the facts and those are the negatives.

The positives are this, we have a great back in Caddy, we have a great OG in Joseph. The jury is still out on Trueblood but he appears to be on the right track. Alex Smith needs to be on the field every time we have a tightend in the formation. Last year he blocked peppers one on one and did great on 2 consecutive plays, he can block. Dan Beunning is a player, just an OG but he is a front line starter when healthy. On the defense the only real young talent we have is Will Smith (3rd pick) who is learning but will get better with time.

We are not as far off from being back as a power in the NFL. We are close to 30 million under the cap, which is huge. We can bring in one, maybe two or three starters on this defense or if a QB becomes available (like Brees last year) we could make that move or we could go out and get a young OLman that would be the cornerstone of the OL for years to come.

We have the draft which it appears we will be picking in the top 7 this year. We have tons of option there! We could get a stud UT, we could go WR, we could go DE, we could go OL. With that 1st round pick we will get a starter IMHO at every position I listed with the exception being WR. If we (the front office) go out and add 2 starters on defense and get a stud OLman we will be looking much better heading into the draft. We need help in the trenches in a major way. I'm all for dumping Rice and Kelly for whatever we can get in the draft, pick wise. We have got to get highly touted youth talent on this team and we can do just that.

Everything I have said is true and is feasible to have done, its just a matter of the front office making this happen. We are not that far off but the right steps must be implemented to right the ship. I know this is the biggest mess I have seen (fan since 93) and it appears that we are dead in the water but I don't think that is so. We just need young talented players who can come in and get this done and as I said previously, that can be done! 

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