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USF gets a boost at RB

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Jamar Taylor, RB from Lakeland who was a EE at Alabama this year has left Bama and will transfer to USF.  His mom has a heart condition and Jamar felt he should be close to her.  He will apply for a hardship but is prepared to sit a year if necessary.

Is there a link for this or is it just from knowing someone over there in Lakeland?

Wow.  This is the second highly recruited RB we've taken from Bama this year.  This is the benefit of being in such a highly recruited area.  When guys have to come home, the teams in this area seem to reap the benefits.  Heres hoping his mom's condition isn't terminal. 

(If this guy says Jamar Taylor one more time, I'm going to scream.  I can see why he does HS football) 

Also, Ricky Ponton is ineligable and is transferring this year.  That's addition by subtraction! 

Information from a source close to the situation.

All the Bama folk know he's gone, he has already left school.  It may not be 100% official of USF enrollment, but that looks to be what is happening.

I hope the guy gets his hardship and is able to play this year.  He's a good kid.  I met him when he was a freshmen in HS and he was thoughtful and well spoken. He also told me at the time he was going to be in the NFL one day.  I believed him. 

At Bama's spring game he was easily the best RB on the field. 

Prayers for his family.

Blade: would be great if it proves to be true.....

He and the Frosh Mike Ford might actually give the Bulls a nice rushing attack behind Grothe.  It's nice to have such a mobile QB that can make things happen with his arm and feet, but I really don't want out QB leading the team is rushing.  He's great at it, but just not big enough to take that consistent pounding over the course of the season as we evident last year towards the end as the nicks started to add up on his body.

jamar taylor and mike ford should definitely be a good combo.


USF is supposed to be pretty good this coming season, right?  I'm not too familiar with their team.

Auburn's got them in their 2nd game.  Might be pretty entertaining...


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