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: June 15, 2007, 09:50:36 AM

PFT had been doing a nice job covering the whole concussions issue in the NFL and this is an interesting bit:

One of the concepts that will be discussed at the June 19 concussion summit in Chicago is the clearer-than-ever link between multiple concussions and chronic changes in the brain that cause depression and other problems for former athletes.

And the magic number, one leading expert in the field believes, is three.

On June 13, Dr. Julian Bailes, the Chair of the West Virginia University Department of Neurosurgery, explained to us new findings linking multiple concussions to significant changes in the brain.  Dr. Bailes, the only physician from a non-NFL city who has been invited by the NFL to provide expertise regarding the issue of traumatic brain injuries, explained that autopsies performed on former pro football players like Steelers center Mike Webster revealed apparently normal brain tissue.  After applying a certain type of test, however, changes that could cause serious cognitive problems were discovered.

Three concussions is the threshold, Dr. Bailes explained, for problems like depression and dementia after retirement from the game.  "They've got really strive to not get that third concussion, because based on our data, which is the only thing out there, that's where the threshold is."

Per one of the studies in which Dr. Bailes was involved, it was found that a player who has three or more concussions is five times more likely to have "MCI," or mild cognitive impairment.  Thirty percent of all persons who develop MCI are later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  Per another study, three or more concussions resulted in a triple incidence of depression.

All posts are opinions in case you are too stupid to figure that out on your own without me saying it over and over.
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