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#30 : July 02, 2007, 02:54:05 PM

IMO. Theres no way we make playoffs this year. New orleans is going to win the division, leaves us alot of decent teams to beat for wildcard spot.
1. o-line
 order of importance, IMO
NO is the favorite (based on all the experts) going into the season.  But they are one injury......Brees....away from returning to mediocrity.  Lets see what happens if they lose their starting QB, RDE and one of their CBs. 

1.  Never have an argument with an idiot.  They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.
2.  For some it would be better if they remained silent and be thought a fool than to speak and erase all doubt.


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#31 : July 03, 2007, 01:40:44 PM

Boy some of you are in for a shock, you must not have watched just how good San Frans O-line was for the bulk of Garcias Career there, or noticed that Frye and Kitna did as good and better than Garcia did for the SAME TEAMS respectivly, and seem to forget we don't have a 700 recieving yard, 1,200 rushing yard HB on our roster, and the Eagles O-line is much better than ours.
Garcia is a few months younger than Favre and look how Favre has regressed and I would bet Favres Daughter has a better arm than Garcia, yet all that plus his age, and the fact that 4 teams have let him walk somehow equate to a top 10 offense...
Then again I recall the posts about Grad's and how Gruden found the next Tom Brady, and how good he looks in practice and against 4th string scrubs in Pre-Season, and the Gruden knows best blank response, and wasn't Grad's the worse rated QB, or maybe it was the Raider QB, but he was down there..LMAO

Gruden could make a killing selling swamp land to some of you guys.

What Garcia did in the past is irrelevant, the point is he is better suited to what Gruden wants to do on offense than Simms.......even you can see that. ???

How is it irrelevent? Its very relavent in fact because we don't have the same players that the Eagles had,  our O-line is not as good and Caddy can't catch or block, Westbrook is a huge playmaker and ran for 1,200 yards, and caught for 700.
WHat about the fact that Kitna and Frye (who the Browns drafted Quinn to replace) had better stats on the same team he played poorly on?
Do you not think that being 37 and playing on a team with a good O-line and a playmaker HB that is his go to guy, is the same thing as playing behind a bad - or at the very least new O-line and a HB that can't catch a cold?
The only thing I see defenses seeing when they look at our offense with Garcia, is crowd the line because he can't beat us deep. Stop the run, and dust those pesky 5 yard passes away, get a lead because it will take 8-12 play drives for them to score.

Think what you want, but if Simms is not the guy, and Garcia is a band-aid for a season maybe 2, who is the guy? Grad's? IS that the best Gruden can do, is give us hopes of a weak armed, short QB that is only in the NFL because of Grudens love of mobile QB's, is what we have to look forward to???? We are lucky Grad's didn't go to Dayton, or Gruden would have insisted that we give him a 10 year deal with $50M up front.


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#32 : July 03, 2007, 05:46:20 PM

As long as we have solid offensive line play and Garcia can make the right reads the Bucs have a shot at winning at least 8 games next year.I don't think Clayton is a 1,000yd receiver anymore.

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