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ę #45 : July 14, 2007, 11:05:00 AM Ľ

Chris has always had poor throwing mechancics.  But he has always been able to mask it though with his ability to rifle the ball through the air in the past.

What you have to understand is that the arm has less mass than the body which acts like a whip when in a throwing motion.  Chris has a long windup but puts a lot of velocity behind it.  So much that the friction of the air does not effect his passes as much compared to other QB's.  If Chris had better throwing technique he would have even greater velocity behind his throws.

But it is not just the whipping action of the arm involved.  It is the torso.  To start the whipping action of the arm you need momentum of the body.  Which requires the torso.  Simms had major surgery where his cavity was opened.  

To put it in perspective Rice who sustained a shoulder injury but later on a deep bruised torso (thank Jermaine!) lost a lot of his burst and momentum.  That was a bruise....Simms had his muscles cut not bruised.  That takes a long time to heal and it definately feels akward to Simms.

I have yet to discuss the psychological effects (huge scar on his chest) that may be plaguing him.

In short it will be a miracle of Simms can even play this year effectively.  More than likely he heads to IR.  But I am willing to give him a chance to show he may be able to come back this year.  We will find out with training camp around the corner.

Good overall post! You are absolutely right that every athlete's power comes from rotation of their torso with development of torque which is then transmitted through the shoulders, elbows, and lastly the wrist snap; all in a whipping action that uncoils all that energy into swinging a golf club or baseball bat, or throwing a baseball or football. I'm always amazed at how some relatively small guys can absolutely crush the ball with such proper mechanics. You are also undoubtedly correct that Simms' mechanics are likely "off" since his surgery. He likely has significant scar tissue and perhaps some residual soreness, that is limiting his rotation of his torso. Even worse is the "mental" aspect of his recovery where there is almost certainly some anxiety to simply "grip it and rip it". On top of that will be the mental uncertainty of how his body will be able to take a hit, and IMO, that will be the biggest hurdle for his recovery, and no one will know how he will respond to that until live action in training camp and preseason.

I disagree that Simms has ALWAYS had poor mechanics however. Quite the contrary, no matter what criticism of his skills and game prior to his injury, the ONE thing he could really do well was THROW the football with strength and accuracy. IMHO, he had to have have good mechanics to launch that ball 60+ yards in the air with such a perfect spiral.

Lastly, just for clarification; a splenectomy (removal of the spleen) is typically performed through an abdominal incision typically from the xiphoid process (that nub of bone just under your breastbone) to the umbilicus (navel). That vertical incision is usually made in the midline through the linea alba ( the line in the middle of a so-called  "six-pack"), which is a lot of connective tissue that separates your rectus abdominis muscles, and therefore does not require cutting the abdominal muscles. If he has a chest scar that would be very surprising to me, since the spleen is an organ in the left upper abdomen just beneath the rib cage.

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ę #46 : July 14, 2007, 11:36:51 AM Ľ

Couple of other things factor into this equation.  No one knows what Plummer has discussed with the FO about his future with the Bucs.  If he's thinking of reporting and has agreed to take the year off and come back next year, then Chris might be on his way elsewhere. 

One other thing no one has mentioned.  Gradkowski really is a "shotgun" QB.  If the Bucs installed the shotgun like it appears they have,  his stock climbs dramatically. 

Besides, Grads has unmatched scrambling abilities!  http://youtube.com/watch?v=bTxpR87tu3k

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