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Uncle Stan:
for listing to or reading the media. Once a few get on a story, they are like vultures, they just pounce.

Those who really looked the game with a jaundiced eye, rather tha following the "herd" saw the plays were called properly and were there, but just plain flat tailed weren't executed.

“There’s nothing wrong with the playcalling because the plays are there to be made,” said Clayton. “It’s there, It’s absolutely there. I know we have our fair share of breakdowns, but the plays we’re calling are there. We just have to execute them. It’s that simple.

I said that Sunday while game was in prgress. So many plays that were screwed up-by various members of the offense.

Who cares if he throws every down, if the plays are there to be made? IMO, that was the case Sunday. Ask Denver.

Yes. I agree they weren't all good, but not enough for the sportswriters, including our own, to not really look at what transpired on the field and get all bent out of shape as had tenaciously been expressed on this board and the local fish wraps all week. Even the Trib, with their article on Alstott, was really still damning Gruden for passing so much.

I haven't said much this week, because it seems, all people wanted to was bash and vent their spleen. It was like a snowball rolling down hill and no voice was going to stop it.

Hours and hours of bashing, when apparently, they had no real reason.

Okay, have at it.
Oh well. MAybe the board will be better next week.

Boid Fink:
Throwing 48 times in a tornado is not my idea of a great gameplan.  Espescially when they ran the ball 12 times in a game that could have been had with more yardage.  A short pass in those conditions, was just as good as a run attempt, IMO.  You run to loosen up the defense. 

It was gusting 45 MPH in the Meadowlands.  Grads doesn't have the most powerful arm (although he did get robbed on a few of the drops, which were incredible throws in reality).  Not a great combo to try over and over and over again.  He completed less than 50 percent of his lobs.  The longest offensive play was a scamper by Caddy.  Go figure.

I gotta agree with Dal, the players aren't going to gripe to the media unless the bleeding fails to cease and desist.


Great discussion. However, can you take it over to the Pewter Insider board? Thanks.

Uncle Stan:

my response has been moved to Insider Board.


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