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OSU still dwelling on Florida loss

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It was an especially long, cold winter for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

A relatively stress-free season for the Buckeyes, top-ranked since August, came down to a stunning, humiliating conclusion on Jan. 8 against Florida in the BCS national championship game.

It became an enduring black eye: Florida 41, Ohio State 14.

Now, while looking ahead to 2007, the Buckeyes still must shake the flashbacks from that final game.

"I don't think that there's any question in the back of everybody's mind -- I mean, how does it not?" defensive coordinator Jim Hea**CENSORED** said when asked whether the Florida game affects this year's squad. "You'd be crazy to think that it doesn't. I don't know that there's many days that something doesn't come up that you think about it."

The White Tiger:
It is unfortunately all I have thought about.

Urban and Jim Tressell come from the same OSU coaching family. It may be un-acknowledged publicly by Tressell, but it is certainly just under the collective surface (and skin) of he and all of us in Buckeye Nation.

It is definitely fueling recruiting strategy and a redoubling of commitment. It was not just a loss - it was a humiliating loss.

That said, OSU was depleted by the draft this year - so it's shaping up to be more humbling. New QB, new D-line, new WR's, new RB, new CB's, new o-line.

Hopefully this fire will get the best from Tress - and we'll rebound and respond.

It really is highly irritating!

I agree BB.  The "no show" performance was humilaiting.  In looking at this year's schedule we might go 8-0 with a depleted team before we actually have to play someone.  I would prefer the upcoming schedules against the Canes and USC's of the world.  This year... Washington doesn't excite.

That loss should linger for sometime, and show alot of College football pundits that OSU was OVER RATED, and could not match the speed of an SEC powerhouse. If they would have lost a close game it would not effect recruiting as much as a demoralizing loss has.

Their schedule this year is laughable and the NCAA needs to prevent supposed big time programs from scheduling such weak competition, I've always thought that the NCAA is a mythological championship since teams don't play quality opponents all year long. The average champion plays maybe 4-5 quality opponents per year and that makes them a champion? What a joke! OSU played 3 teams in 2006(Texas, Michigan and Florida) and I believe the lack of quality competition hurt OSU in being prepared for UF. While Florida played a very tough schedule that included like 5 or 6 Bowl Teams.

The White Tiger:
I agree - the level of competition is the primary culprit. I also think Urban caught Tressell in some well known tendencies and just blasted them. The players were not as fast and were not prepared for the speed of Florida - and Urban outcoached his old buddy.

Tress has been pretty blatant with his style of football - This Buckeye team was no where near the 2002 National Championship Team that beat Miami.

Feel Real Good:

--- Quote from: T on August 15, 2007, 08:49:38 AM ---While Florida played a very tough schedule that included like 5 or 6 Bowl Teams.

--- End quote ---
10 bowl teams in the 13 games before the BCS.


--- Quote from: Feel Real Good on August 15, 2007, 02:45:06 PM ---
--- Quote from: T on August 15, 2007, 08:49:38 AM ---While Florida played a very tough schedule that included like 5 or 6 Bowl Teams.

--- End quote ---
10 bowl teams in the 13 games before the BCS.

--- End quote ---
I was just guessing, but it still proves my point that OSU had a soft schedule and when they faced a real team that was battle tested, they got dominated.

John Galt?:
I also think the ''short'' schedule hurt. After the OSU-UM game UF played FSU and Arkansas. That's 2 bowl teams while OSU rested and rusted.

IMO, the Big 10 is hurting itself by not having a championship game. Most the other BCS conferences have one, and it gets them a lot of extra attention (and $$$) in December.

The White Tiger:
Agree on this too JG - I'm afraid the Big 2 don't want the little 8 (or 9?) to rob them of their national attention.

They, like Notre Dame, don't seem to notice the weakness that we are breeding by limiting competition. I am hoping an influential Tressell (and OSU AD) came away from the UF game with a similar analysis and diagnosis.

History does not give me great hope for this though. Tessell may buck the trend as he is a guy that likes to win championships. He has a track record of not settling but seeking excellence - we'll see if he can answer this setback.

John Galt?:
OSU and UM should, at the very least, move their game to Thanksgiving weekend or later, just so the lay off isn't so long. And also so that you don't get leapfrogged in the polls during off weeks.


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