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: August 16, 2007, 02:35:42 PM

First day picks based on who is available in NFLDC's latest mock.

1. Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin - Gaines Adams was my #1 target but the Lions took him so I'll gladly grab the highest rated left tackle in the draft.

2.a. Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia - I like Georgia defensive linemen and am happy to be able to choose between him and Anthony Spencer. I'm taking Johnson because I like his upside a little better. Both only really came on this season but Johnson is only three years removed from high school where he was the #2 defensive end recruit so he's following the expected progression.

2.b. Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame - I'm kind of going in the reverse order grabbing a strongside end before weakside but this is how it worked out.

3. Jason Hill, WR, Washington State - I'm staying away from Calvin Johnson because I don't want every receiver on the team to be 6'5". I want a smaller guy with the same speed and the moves to shake corners.

4. CJ Gaddis, CB, Clemson - Not a fully polished prospect but scouting reports say he is physical and likes to mix it up at the line of scrimmage. It would appear the Bucs could make the most of his skill set in the Tampa 2.

5. Marvin White, S, TCU - Thanks to utspartan for hyping this guy up. He has good speed and his body type matches up with typical Tampa 2 safeties in the league right now. I like how his scouting report says hard worker, sound tackler, and smooth in coverage.

7.a. David Holloway, OLB, Maryland - Budget strongside linebacker candidate. Scouting report says good at recognizing plays and sound tackler.

7.b. Tim Castille, FB, Alabama - Not Bama's blocking back but was used in short yardage and can catch out of the backfield. Could push Earnest Graham.

7.c. Roman Fry, OG, Clemson - Backup guard said to be strong in the run game.

Clearly I am neglecting defensive tackle, but I don't like anyone other than Okoye and Harrell and they're not slotted right for the Bucs' picks. I don't want to mess with Marcus Thomas. Let him go to a team that won't be a two hour drive from his bad influences. My plan is to land Frank Okam, Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis, or DeMario Pressley next year as the Bucs should be picking around #15.
Not bad. I had Adams as my #1 target. Gaddis can be seen as a similar pick to Tanard, Holloway can be seen as similar to Heyward, Castille similar to Darby, and Fry similar to Denman.

FRG is the most logical poster on this board.  You guys just don\'t like where the logical conclusions take you.

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#1 : August 16, 2007, 01:21:31 PM

after a few weeks of free agency its getting clearer of what teams are going to do in the draft but still you never quite know wats gonna happen because the draft is just crazy. however im gonna do this mock draft now then a final mock draft exactly a month from today. the day before the draft. but this is what i think happens in the first few picks.
1. oakland - the pick turns out to be Jamarcus Russell everyone knows this because of the deal getting done a couple days before the draft. just like last year when mario williams did that.

2. Detroit - ok so they have taken a WR 3 times outta 4 times with their first pick. I just dont see them taking another because this is matt millens final chance at making a good move to save himself. so he goes with BRADY QUINN here because this team has not had a franchise qb since well i dont remember the last franchise qb they had but they make the pick here.

3. Cleveland - so CJ slipped this far and so has JT, Cleveland has been trying to rebuff that offensive line since last year when they signed Lecharles Bentley has been injured and doesnt look good. i know hes a center but he is part of that offensive line thats been just as bad as ours and Joe Thomas is the pick here.

4. TB - The bucs and the rest of the football world cant believe that he is still here and that no team traded up to get him. they waste no time bringin the pick up to Roger Goodell. Calvin Johnson is the man here at 4.

that is the way i see it right now and hopefully thats how it goes down.

that brings me to our next pick at 35

2a. ok so with the Offensive pick first here the bucs go defense next pick and they decide to go safety and we go with Brandon Merriweather with the next pick. this erases a need for a safety as he is the next Ed Reed as some people say.

2b. now with the next pick at 64 the bucs go defense again since we still have needs there. the bucs use this pick on a DT because we sent DT Booger Mcfarland to indi for this pick. so we take a chance on Marcus Thomas here.

3. pick number 68 we go defense again and try to get some more pass rush here and we go with DE Victor Abiamiri here.

4. next pick we try to get a KR/PR here and we reach for Yamon Figurs here and after the bucs return their first kickoff for a touchdown the bucs look like geniouses for making this pick.

the rest of the picks we try to get a Center to compete in training camp. and more pass rush and special teamers.

what you guys think?? realistic or unrealistic. ill redo it exactly a month from now.


has the long winded explaination.

The short version:

Round 1: Joe Thomas - OT - Wisconsin
Round 2a: Charles Johnson - DE - Georgia
Round 2b: Victor Abiamiri - DE - Notre Dame
Round 3: Jason Hill - WR - Washington State
Round 4: Le'Ron McClain - FB - Alabama
Round 5: Dashon Goldson - S - Washington
Round 7a: Marcus Thomas - DT - Florida
Round 7b: Dan Parrish - OT - Florida A&M
Round 7c: Keith Jackson - DT - Arkansas

I know that FA isnt over, but the major moves have been made.  Please provide your thoughts.

1(4) DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville

I honestly believe that both Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas will be gone by pick #4.  And unless Gruden has fallen in love with one of the QB's, this pick should be a DL.  While a trade down makes a lot of sense, I will assume that we stay put at #4 and make the pick.  While Gaines Adams provides that playmaking ability from the end position, and deserves serious consideration, he is undersized and easily neutralized.  In my opinion, the DE position has greater depth in this draft, and can be addressed later.  Gruden appears to have fallen in love with Okoye at the Senior Bowl, and Okoye will address this teams biggest need at the UT position.
Other consideration given to: DE Gaines Adams and QB Brady Quinn
Choice selections (assumed to be gone): OT Joe Thomas and WR Calvin Johnson

2 (35) C Ryan Kalil, USC

With the loss of Mahan, and the aging decline in performance of Wade, our depth at the centre position is Wade and Clinkscale.  Kalil is far and away the best centre in the draft, and could start day 1 for the Bucs.  While there are size concerns, including short arms, centre is too big of a need for the Bucs to ignore.  Kalil is smart, a good leader, and a solid technician.
Other consideration given to: S Brandon Meriweather and DE Anthony Spencer
Choice Selection (assumed to be gone): LB Paul Posluszny

2 (64) S Eric Weddle, Utah

As the team sits right now, our weakest starting position on the defense is safety.  While a player like Meriweather would be tempting at pick #35, players with character concerns are rarely drafted by the Gruden regime.  Weddle provides A+ character with great instincts and solid tackling.  Weddle could see some time in the slot as a CB early in his career, but would ultimately project as a safety.
Choice Selection: S Eric Weddle

3(68) DE LaMar Woodley, Michigan

Another Senior Bowl player that fills a big need at DE.  Somewhat of a OLB/DE tweener, but has a good motor, and was productive at a big time program.
Choice Selection (assumed to be gone): DE Quentin Moses

1:  Adam Carricker DE
2a: Aaron Rouse S
2b: Tony Hunt RB
3: Brandon Mebane DT
4: Doug Free OT
5: Jay Moore DE
7: Rhema McKnight WR
7(comp pick): Tim Duckworth OG
7(comp pick): Zach Diles LB

Enjoy.  8)

1-gaines adams
2-brandon meriweather
2-buster davis
3-marcus thomas
4-samson satele
5-chansi stuckey
7-ryne robinson
7-doug free
7-craig dahl

This would be my ideal buccaneers draft

1)   Calvin Johnson

2a) Anthony spencer

2b) Lamar Woodley

3)   Aaron Rouse

4)   Lorenzo Booker

5)   Marcus Thomas

6)   Yamon Figurs

7)   Quincy Black

Comments? Would you be satisfied with this draft. It gives me chills just imagining if this would to happen.

1 - Oakland - Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
2 - Detroit - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech 
3 - Cleveland - Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin 
4 - (1)Houston (from Tampa Bay) - Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma 
5 - Arizona - Gaines Adams - DE Clemson
6 - Washington - Alan Branch DT Michigan
7 - Minnesota - Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
8 - Tampa Bay (from Houston)  - Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

I think that Oakland now has to draft Russell. They have now QB other than Walter and he sucks. They are going to need a vetran to play now. I say we trade Plummer to the Raiders for their 4th pick. That would give us the top pick and the 3rd pick on day 2.

I also think the Lions will now target either Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, or Adrian Peterson. Cleveland will take either Peterson or Thomas. If the draft goes down like this, I think Anderson and Okoye are options at the 8th pick. My only question is, if Cleveland doesn't take Peterson, neither will Arizona or Washington. Minnesota might, but Chester Taylor ran well for them last year.

I think more than likely we don't trade down. I think Russell goes #1, and CJ probably goes #2 to whoever has that pick (Detroit might drop down and take a DE or QB). Then I think Cleveland would still draft Peterson and Joe Thomas will fall to us.

If Detroit picks Thomas, then CJ would certainly fall to us and Cleveland would take Peterson.

I think the worst case right now would be if Oakland goes with CJ, the Lions draft Peterson, and Cleveland drafts Thomas. I think that's the only way we don't end up with either Thomas or CJ.


1)Amobi Okoye
2a) Dwayne Jarrett
2b) Quentin Moses
3) Eric Weddle

Round 1: Calvin Johnson WR

Round 2A: Anthony Spencer DE

Round 2B: Josh Beekman G/C

Round 3: Eric Weddle S/CB

Round 4: Trade to Detroit for DT Shaun Rogers

Round 5: Trade to Chicago for S Mike Brown

Round 6: (compensatory draft pick) Yamon Figurs KR/WR

Round 7: Zach Diles MLB

Quesions, Comments...Is this at all realistic?

Ok guys I know I have put a mock out about every week
However I have reasearched through other mocks (NFL Draft Countdown.con/Footballs future) and have listened to a lot of your suggestions. I have compiled a sensible mock for the bucs based on what they have indiciated would be somewhere available when we pick each round...and this will be my final mock till the end of this month

1) Calvin Johnson-Makes sense here if hes here. If not Joe Thomas is my second choice
2a) Ryan Kalil-If he gets past Oakland Gruden takes his center for the future
2b) Victor Abiamiri- Solid DE prospect and a sack machine
3) Daymeion Hughes- This one slips out of the second round
4) Marvin White  S TCU- Very very underrated Safety who hits and hits hard but has a GREAT timed speed for coverage
5) Marcus Thomas- Gruden takes "still" the steal of the draft here
7a) Kevin Boss TE Western Oregon- Huge TE who WILL yes WILL be a good one
7b) Bo Smith CB Webber ST- Big fast CB who tackles well to add depth
7c) Aaron Fairooz WR Central Arkansas- Grruden takes a chance on another 6'5 sleeper

1) Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin - With all the hype CJ is getting, Paul Gruber 2.0 could very well find himself in Tampa

2a) Justin Harell DT Tennessee - Injury concerns but his huge frame, long arms and impact player potential make him hard to pass up

2b) Tim Crowder DE Texas - Stout versus the run and can put the passer on his butt, a great character guy and leader

3) Josh Beekman C/OG Boston College - Another greasy BC mauler, will play center

4) John Wendling S Wyoming - Tremendous athlete at 222 pounds, can fill hard against the run

5) Lorenzo Booker RB FSU - Great hands and route running skills for a RB, excellent return man potential as well

7) LaRon McClain FB Alabama - Solid blocker with great hands

7)* Matt Trannon WR Michigan State - HUGE at 6'6'', terrific leaper

7)* Tim Mixon CB Cal - Zone coverage guy with top instincts, perfect for cover two, was a better prospect than his teammate Daymeion Hughes at one point

* = predicted compensatory pick

One week to go ladies and gentlemen.  Here is my final mock draft. 

1st:.........LaRon Landry, S, L.S.U.
2nd(a):....Lawrence Timmons, LB, F.S.U
2nd(b):....Josh Beekman, OG/OC, Boston College
3rd:.........LaMarr Woodley, DE, Michigan
4th:.........Dan Bazuin, DE, Central Michigan
5th:.........Kolby Smith, RB, Louisville
7th:.........Le'Ron McClain, FB, Alabama
7th:.........Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR, U.T.E.P
7th:.........Dustin Fry, C, Clemson

Rip it to shreds.  :o

First post, will make it short.

1. Calvin Johnson- The best player in the draft. An immediate starter at the flanker position. If the o-line comes together, our offense will be formidible.

2a. Charles Johnson- Is a larger defensive end and will help versus run or pass. Is a Charles Grant clone.

2b. Eric Weddle- He will not only add depth at safety but also at cornerback. Will eventually become a good starter at free safety, where he is a good fit in the cover 2.

3. Marcus Thomas- A risk Bruce Allen should take. If he stays out of trouble, Thomas could be a stud defensive tackle in this system.

4. John Wendling- A fast and agressive strong safety who could eventually start.

5. Buster Davis- Shelton Quarles will retire and a back-up or challenger to Ruud is needed. Davis is short, but is a good fit and should play well on special teams as a rookie.

7a. Dustin Fry- A good run blocking center who was coached in the Senior Bowl. Is versatile.

7b. Michael Allan- a sleeper tight end out of Whitworth. Is raw but has ability.

7c. Jacob Bender- an OT out of Nicholls State who also is raw but could be developed.

Conclusion- Very heavy on defense, but it is necessary to add youth.

As much as I would love to see Calvin Johnson in Pewter and Red  ;D . I think he will be gone and it will go this way . We trade down with Arizona to # 5 and get there 2nd # 38 and there 5th # 142 . That gives us 11 picks . But we trade back into the first round with Kansas city @ # 23 we give them # 35 ,# 38 and  #214. Then our draft would look like this .

Round 1. # 5. Amobi Okoye DT

Round 1. # 23. Adam Carriker DE

Round 2. # 64.  Aaron Rouse S

Round 3 # 68.  Brandon Siler MLB

Round 4. # 102. Tony Hunt RB

Round 5. # 141.Yamon Figurs PR & KR

Round 5. # 142. Marcus Thomas DT

Round 7. # 245. Scott Stephenson C

Round 7. # 246. Le'Ron Mc Clain FB




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#2 : August 16, 2007, 03:58:19 PM

Master C wanted Quincy Black in the 7th. At least he hit on him, though.


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#3 : August 16, 2007, 04:31:07 PM

Not bad...I got the top 3 right...we just didn't find a trading partner and took Adams.

Whoa...shiver me ****in timbers!


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#4 : August 16, 2007, 05:49:47 PM

booger had the positions, just not the players

\"Lets put the O back in Country\"


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#5 : August 16, 2007, 06:41:07 PM

Jamaal Anderson didn't look impressive at all. A 6th round rookie fromo the Jets,was making him look like some garbage

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#6 : August 16, 2007, 08:44:57 PM

I remember when everyone wanted Eric Weddle and Marcus Thomas


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#7 : August 16, 2007, 10:45:56 PM

I knew I was a "draft guru". Quincy Black buccaneers 7th/3rd same difference. Lol ::)


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#8 : August 17, 2007, 02:45:06 AM

lol way off


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#9 : August 17, 2007, 06:09:59 PM

Jamaal Anderson didn't look impressive at all. A 6th round rookie fromo the Jets,was making him look like some garbage

Good. One more negative for the Falgoons lets hope.
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