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NFL makes change to help defenses with no-huddle offenses

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interesting...I guess the NFL is actually trying to help out defenses for once. Not sure how much I like this rule change though....

good call, I think.............

not too sure i like that...

My question is how long is a "sufficient opportunity to make a personnel change" and at what point does it negate that benefits of a no-huddle offense?

Bad move, IMO.  If you'll notice, scores of 21 points or more are getting rarer and rarer in this league.  Eventually, if the majority of games end in 17-13 wins, fans will stop tuning in...Many fans find the most exciting part of any game the "final drive".  It gets butts out of their seats, and people screaming at their TV's.  If the defense wants to regroup, it has timeouts.  It can force incompletions. 


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