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How about this for an offseason?

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ronde bear:
Free Agency signings:

DT- ?????????????????????????????????????????????

QB- Chris Simms

DE - Adalius Thomas

CB - Nick Harper

WR- Drew Bennett

S- Gibril Wilson/ Tony Parrish

Draft Picks:

1st round: QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU

2nd round: OLB Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma

2nd round: FB Brian Leonard, Rutgers

3rd round: C Kyle Young, Fresno State

3rd round (via Simeon Rice): DT Ryan McBean, Oklahoma State

4th round: K  Mason Crosby, Colorado

5th round:  KR/PR/WR Chris Davis, Florida State

6th round- OLB Patrick St. Louis, South Florida

Released/ Traded/ Retired/ Demoted:

CUT- Rattay
CUT- Sowell
CUT- Wade
CUT- Spires
CUT- Mallard
CUT- Cash
CUT- Bolden
CUT- Bryant
CUT- Hilliard
CUT- Mark Jones

Retired- Quarles
Retired- Alstott
Retired- Brooks (maybe)
Retired- Kelly (maybe)
Retired- Wade (maybe)
Retired- Hilliard (doubtful)

Demoted- Bruce Gradkowski
Demoted- Kenyatta (permanently)
Demoted- Becht
Demoted- Wyms
Demoted- Nece (maybe)
Demoted- Phillips (most certainly)

Traded- Simeon Rice

ronde bear:
Dont know whos a FA dt. Anyone want to help? Im sure names will appear that are worthwhile as cap casualties

Boid Fink:
Leonard will be gone by the second round, no doubt.

ronde bear:
Well I gave it a try. The BUcs should be picking around 70th in the 3rd round, thats not too much of a reach to say he drops there. I guess you could flip flop Leonard with Young. I think we oculd get Young in the 3rd round

Forget about Shaub and Bennett and then it makes sense. Forget about trading Rice for Shaub too.

Leonard will probably be gone by mid 2nd round.  The Falcons will max tender Schaub, so it will take a 1st and a 3rd round pick to gte him.

Matt as QB?  Yeah, yet another first year guy, when people are ready to lynch Grads for not playing like Peyton Manning.


I say we put all of our cap money into cloning research. Then we can clone Tebow to play every position. We'll be unstoppable.

ronde bear:
Hate to say it but Schaub is definitely more talented than Grads and whoever he goes to next year he wont play like a 1st year QB

I updated my offseason wishlist. How about Rufus Alexander in round 2 and Jamarcus Russell and Chris Simms (for a very reasonable 1 year deal) battle it out in training camp. Still dont know who we could get at DT in FA, but Im sure one will surface

Ronde = RJ of the Bucs  ;D


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