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How about this for an offseason?

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ronde bear:
Free Agency signings:

DT- ?????????????????????????????????????????????

QB- Chris Simms

DE - Adalius Thomas

CB - Nick Harper

WR- Drew Bennett

S- Gibril Wilson/ Tony Parrish

Draft Picks:

1st round: QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU

2nd round: OLB Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma

2nd round: FB Brian Leonard, Rutgers

3rd round: C Kyle Young, Fresno State

3rd round (via Simeon Rice): DT Ryan McBean, Oklahoma State

4th round: K  Mason Crosby, Colorado

5th round:  KR/PR/WR Chris Davis, Florida State

6th round- OLB Patrick St. Louis, South Florida

Released/ Traded/ Retired/ Demoted:

CUT- Rattay
CUT- Sowell
CUT- Wade
CUT- Spires
CUT- Mallard
CUT- Cash
CUT- Bolden
CUT- Bryant
CUT- Hilliard
CUT- Mark Jones

Retired- Quarles
Retired- Alstott
Retired- Brooks (maybe)
Retired- Kelly (maybe)
Retired- Wade (maybe)
Retired- Hilliard (doubtful)

Demoted- Bruce Gradkowski
Demoted- Kenyatta (permanently)
Demoted- Becht
Demoted- Wyms
Demoted- Nece (maybe)
Demoted- Phillips (most certainly)

Traded- Simeon Rice

ronde bear:
Dont know whos a FA dt. Anyone want to help? Im sure names will appear that are worthwhile as cap casualties

Boid Fink:
Leonard will be gone by the second round, no doubt.

ronde bear:
Well I gave it a try. The BUcs should be picking around 70th in the 3rd round, thats not too much of a reach to say he drops there. I guess you could flip flop Leonard with Young. I think we oculd get Young in the 3rd round

Forget about Shaub and Bennett and then it makes sense. Forget about trading Rice for Shaub too.


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