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Do you blame Gruden as much as I do? What do you think we could do to win some

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 our season sucks ass and I blame over 50 percent on Gruden, i never was a fan of his to begin with, but really if something isn't working don't you try something different??  All he does is run, and our run is one of the worst in the league this year.  Now I know that we have young tallent on the o-line, but for a team that has spent the last 2 years in the draft mainly on the offense, we should play a lot better than we have been.  With the mobilty of Grakowski, I would like to see him use the shotgun. he doesn't believe in the shotgun, you know that we are the only team now, that doesn't have a shotgun, Our O-line sucks and instead of a shotgun, he has the west coast mentality and he has the QB do a 3 step drop and then pass instead of shotgun or 6 step drop and pass. Now this is fine if your o-line is helping the QB, but it's not working lets try something different fast. Plus when it's 3rd and 10 which i kid you not is all the time, We haven't even scored A point on Offense in over 50 percent of our games 5. in those games we couldn't even score a TD, then you watch other teams go battle up and down the field.  The lst 3 weeks we have waited till about 6 min left in the second quarter, to pick up our 1st 1st down. That = giveaways, We simply run the ball on 1st, get no where, Run the ball, or throw a 2 yard slant on 2nd, and on 3rd down when we still have 10 yards to go, we still through a 2 or 3 yard slant.  I mean why is Gruden not going for the 1st down, he is way to conservative. I hate him, really and nothing will become of our team until they get rid of him, problem there lies, the owners don't really care after buying that soccer team in England. So there you have Gruden, Conservative, stuborn as hell, and worst he doesn't have to  answer to anyone, that's why he and Mckay splitted ways, he found him In Bruce Allen a yes man that will never question him. Sick of it.

What do you Think about Gruden and how do you think we can turn around our season somewhat.

Did anyone see the Gator game yesterday?

Uncle Stan:

What in the hell is with some of you people that see your way clear to just bash, berate, and criticize?  Do you not feel as though there are enough threads on this topic?  Do you have a "Hate Gruden" fetish?  Or are you just so damned miserable in your life that you want to spread your misery?

Quite frankly, between all the non-stop ripping of the franchise, its staffing, and the "Hot Karl" topics, this forum has gone to total crap.

It's real easy to sit back and dump all over everything about the Bucs, but offer no real thoughts.

"Fire Gruden".....have seen a ton of these, but no one cares to mention names of possible replacements.  Who is out there folks?

Maybe we should have gone with McKay's choice of hiring Marvin Lewis.  Then you could all bedwet how Lewis couldn't control the "character issues" that have rained down on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Look, Gruden has made his share of mistakes, but if you took time to consider all of the circumstances, you'd give him another year, at least.

Boid Fink:
Might as well send him out to sea, and catch the boat on fire...


Gruden stays.  You guys who hate on the Gruden should understand he is not going anywhere.  For a few minutes anyway.


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