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I dont know about the rest of you, but I find it awfully amazing to read every other post about keeping simms, and ditching Grads, but when Simms was in all I read was "its simms fault, or damn chrissy simms needs to learn colors to keep the ball in our own players hands, ect ect" ::)

now I read tons of post about "its Grudens fault,  or Grads cant do it, ect ect...." [banghead]

do you people watch the games at all or just read other piost and form opinions about them?

how about backing up your team, and agreeing with the decisions and cheering for them regardless if they win or loose? im not sure about the rest of you, but to me a Fan is some one who follows the team through thick and thin....I did read one post about how this should weed out all the fans who jumped in when Bucs won the bowl, and after this season they will move on....and I couldnt agree more!!!

food for thought:

Let Grads stay in and get him a offseason coach to help him a little more,

keep Gruden and let him learn to be a head coach a little more, but get him a better play book, or if anyone here has read his biography, you would know he has come from a long line of football in his career, but i feel he needs a better assistant, and get his "friends" out of the picture, and get people in there who will do him some justice and help...

Fill the shoes for a secondary Defense with maybe some good 1st & 3rd round draft, and get grads a better center or weakside tackle to help give the QB (who ever it is) a few more decision making seconds...

Actually I blame Larry Brackins for everything

No, It's Derek Watson's fault

I blame Gruden...  [banghead]


I blame all you who stole my 'I blame (insert_random_person)'

Don't I get any blame any more?


Martin Grammatica

It's Ron Warner's fault

I blame Bush.

Not the presidents all the players girlfriends. Ladies if any of you can read this hold out until they start playing better.

JK I wouldn't do that to any guy.

Boid Fink:

Another jagoff post.

I blame the incredible edible egg


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