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Multiple Choice: Vick fumbles, what does he do next?

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Boid Fink:
Vick is a bad leader?  He has herpes?  He blames EVERYONE else for problems?

I call bullcrap on that one.


On a serious note, WHNE OH WHEN are we getting better smilies.  These are atrocious, and Bush League.

karen anderson:
One of the choices should be roll on the field kicking & screaming like a 2 yr old having a temper tantrum! ;D Gotta love the Browns! And the Lions. ;)

Vick fumbled late in the game today, what was his next move?

A. Try to recover the ball
B. Adjust his doo-rag
C. Grab his crotch like Michael Jackson and moon walk

What do you think?

I promise, one of these is the correct answer.

of course, its gotta be "B"

You are correct H-D-E!!

I would become a Vick fan instantly if C was the correct answer.


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