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: October 03, 2007, 05:58:30 PM

In this edition of the Pewter Plank Jeff Garcia talks about the loss of LT Luke Petitgout, while Donald Penn speaks about the challenges he faces this coming Sunday, along with Cato June talking about what it will be like facing his old team.

(On injured players)
"Greg Spires was limited with an ankle [injury]. Joey Galloway was on his normal Wednesday routine. We activated – or signed, I should say – Dennis Roland and Ken Darby to the active roster, and Carnell Williams and Luke Petitgout are on injured reserve. Torrie Cox returned to the team today; we have a roster exemption for a week."

(On how much Torrie Cox will contribute)
"We'll see about that. We haven't seen him, obviously, on the practice field for awhile, so we'll examine what we see today, tomorrow and the next day and go from there."

(On if Brian Kelly participated in practice)
"Yeah, he participated, yes."

(On Barrett Ruud winning NFC Defensive Player of the Month honors)
"Yeah, that's good. We're proud of Barrett. He's had a really good start to the season. He's one of the reasons why we've picked it up here defensively. He's playing real well, and so are a lot of other guys on the football team."

(On if there is any change in Jerramy Stevens' status)
"I think we've pretty much talked enough about his case. Obviously how he and his attorneys go about this is up to them. He's made some mistakes in the past that are well-documented. So far I'm very impressed with him here as a Buccaneer and as a good young guy."

(On Donald Penn)
"He took advantage of his opportunities in the preseason. Petitgout, as you well know, was out of the first 10 or 12 practices and Donald Penn took a lot of the reps over there and allowed us to function. The more we watched him the more we said, 'You know what? This guy's pretty good.' He's been under the microscope for Bill Muir and Aaron Kromer. They're hard on him. I think he respects that. He's improved, and at this point in time he's got the ball. This is his opportunity and we're going to rally around him because he's a good guy who's worked hard."

(On Penn getting thrown into the fire)
"He's not going into a fire this week; he's going into a blazing inferno. Let's be honest. This guy is unbelievable, I tell you – [Dwight] Freeney. My gosh. That's how I would like to rush the passer. He's really phenomenal. No matter who you have, you see Dwight Freeney and [Robert] Mathis, you see the best there is. On the carpet, in the noise, they're phenomenal."

(On succeeding on the opening drive in Carolina)
"Yeah, and I liked our third drive. I thought we had four or five really good possessions against a good defensive team, no question, on the road. We're going to need more of that to win big games. The message is similar to what it was last week."

(On if Cadillac Williams' injury is career-threatening)
"Everybody's talking about that. I think any time you have a serious injury there are going to be people who question how serious it was and if you can come back from it. Carnell's going to come back from this. He had surgery last night in Alabama and it was a success. Now it's a matter of the injury healing properly and then beginning what will be a grueling rehab procedure. Knowing him, he'll be back full strength ready to roll here before long."

(On Luke Petitgout's prognosis)
"Luke Petitgout is scheduled, I believe, to have surgery later this week and we think he'll be just fine."

(On Peyton Manning)
"He's the whole deal. He's been fortunate – I think he'd even tell you that – that he's had the same coordinator for a long time. He's played with some of the same star-studded skill members for a long time. There's nobody that out-works him. What he does on game day at the line of scrimmage, from the films I've seen and the game's I've been in, is unprecedented. It's a no-huddle attack. He has a lot of freedom to pull the trigger on whatever he feels is right for the Colts offense. He's got the ability, the courage and the whole persona to pull it off. We're looking forward to the challenge, what can I say?"

(On Bob Sanders having a big impact at his size)
"He's just not tall, but he's big. He's built like a…I don't know what. He's a powerful guy. He's built like a linebacker or a running back and he'll run right through you. You'd better know where he is. He's a guy they like to bring down in their eight-man front, he occasionally blitzes and he can go sideline-to-sideline with the best of them. He's an outstanding player. They've got the two great pass-rushers, they've got a great safety man in Sanders, I think their corners are vastly underrated and boy they play with great energy on defense."

(On Jeff Garcia making a difference in the team's good starts to games)
"Yeah, he does, and I think that's a pretty simple way of looking at it. The guy's a quick starter, always has been, and he's helped us. He's helped our football team. Arron Sears has helped. I think the maturation of our right side of the line has helped us, certainly. Ike Hilliard's come in here and helped us, given us some consistent play. Petitgout helped us, and Cadillac. Now we're minus two key cogs and we'll see what happens."

(On the biggest difference in the running game)
"I tell you, B.J. Askew's been a big difference for us. He's made a lot of big plays for us in between the tackles as a blocker. As I said earlier, I think our line is more experienced on the right side, we've been more technical on the left side and Arron Sears has upgraded us and helped us. So we've done a better job, I think, physically blocking, and I think assignment-wise we've been much better."

(On the importance of ball control this week)
"I have tremendous confidence in our defense. The Colts are one of the top offenses in our league. They obviously have weapons all around; solid offensive linemen and one of the better quarterbacks to play the game. They have been together for a long time. They have that continuity, that consistency, they know what there doing and they do it very well. I'm sure every team stresses it going into this game, about ball control, keeping the ball out of their hands, and when you do have the football try to capitalize with getting points on the board. They have a good team all around. We need to find ways to create positive opportunities for our offense. I need to be good with the football. I need to be smart where I go with the football, smart with what I do when I do make those decisions and eliminate negative plays."

(On the loss of T Luke Petitgout)
"Obviously we're disappointed about the injury that happened to Luke. He will be missed because he is a leader and he has experience. But this is a great opportunity for Donald Penn. This is an opportunity he has dreamt of. There is no greater challenge than what he is about to face this weekend going against one of the best, if not the best, pass-rushing defensive ends in the league. He's going to have his work cut out for him but he's not going to be alone. We are going to be out there to help him. We're going to do what ever we can to help him gain confidence as he's playing the game. There will be times where he will be on an island and he's just going to have to step up and play. He's here for a reason, someone saw something in him that they liked and gave him the opportunity to be here. Now he has to prove to everyone that he belongs. I have no doubt that he won't go out and he'll give me everything he has within himself to do what he has to do. Its not just on Donald, its on all of us to play together, be solid together, support each other and to fight through whatever adversity we have to go through on Sunday, but know that were capable of doing positive things. We have been proving that week in and week out. Let's just continue to build on those things. Yes, this is a great opportunity for us against a great football team and let's just go out there and show them what we're made of and have fun doing it."

(On the mental impact on having a different guy back there)
"I can't afford to think about that. I just need to play my game. I need to trust that he's a professional athlete, he's a professional football player and there are going to be match-ups every single week where teams look for that weakness or look for a way to take advantage of a certain team. We can't afford to allow that to creep into our mindset. We need to just do what we're going to do and we will adjust on the fly, adjust on the run. If we need to give him more help or need to solidify that left side more, we have it within our game plan to make those type of adjustments. But I can't worry about that, I need to go about my business, making good decisions, making quick decisions, getting the ball out of my hand and into the hands of the guys who can make the play."

(On how Donald Penn did when he stepped in last Sunday)
"I thought that he did a good job. He went against some good defensive linemen last week in Carolina. I felt that he stepped in and took advantage of that opportunity. He stepped up and did a solid job of blocking for the run, we didn't pass the ball a whole lot while he was in the game. But as far as his blocking technique, his attitude, his intensity, it was all there and I like to see that and I want that to just continue to grow within him."

(On having the spotlight on him)

"It's not much different, I'm pretty comfortable with it. We lost Cadillac (Carnell Williams) [and] it's a huge loss, but I'm pretty comfortable. I've been playing for two weeks now [and] getting quite a few carries, so I'm cool. We have a big game this week and I'm ready to go contribute."

(On seeing things differently now that he is getting more playing time)
"Definitely. I'm a little rusty on some things; my foot work, some things, some situations I haven't been in, but I'm definitely going to get it. The more carries I get, the better I start to see. I'm getting warmed up."

(On the Colts offense)

"You have to keep scratching. Hopefully you get your opportunity, when you get that one-on-one, and you get that opportunity to beat that man to get Peyton Manning. We are going to come close a lot of times during the game. I already know this because he is a very rhythmic passer. We are going to have to keep going and keep putting the heat on him and hopefully coming home with some sacks and some pressures."

(On the play of the defense)
"I think we are playing sound defense right now. We are doing some great things; we are hustling to the ball [and] we're hitting. That has always been the base of this Buccaneers defense. Hopefully we can take this aggressive approach up to Indy and take it to the Colts."

(On the impressive play by the secondary)
"They have done a great job. From a defensive line standpoint, they have given us a chance to put second moves on. That is critical in this league, when a defensive lineman is given a chance to put his second counter move on to get to the quarterback. I can't say enough about our defensive secondary and what they have done this year."

(On facing the Colts, his previous team)

"It will be fun. It is always good to play top teams. They are the number one offense, the defending champions. It will be fun to go back into the dome, and play the number one offense."

(On the hand signals the Colts use on offense)
"They have their signals. They have played together for a long time so they have hand signals, eye contact, just things you naturally get as teammates playing with one another. I don't think we will get involved in trying to steal their signals and using me as the spy, trying to figure out what they are doing in terms of signaling. Once they hike the ball we are going to be in a defense and we have to execute our defense."

(On leaving the Colts to play with the Bucs)
"I don't think one situation is better than the other. It's free agency, it is part of football. For whatever reason I didn't stay in Indy [and] I am a Buc now. I am happy to be here, it has been a great situation for me, great defense [and] great defenders around me. I just fit in well. It is just about going out there each week, getting better, learning from the greats that we have on defense [and] learning from our great coaching staff. That is the thing, just trying to improve week-to-week."

(On QB Peyton Manning)
"He keeps you off balance. He is so good at getting his offense in the right look, the right formation for the particular defense. He makes accurate throws; he doesn't make mistakes with the football. They are not careless with the football so that makes it difficult. As a defense you might want to try to do too much to overcompensate, and that is when they hit you with the big play."

(On what he took from Coach Tony Dungy)
"His devotion to life has been great. Especially in this business, it is hard to see a man of his character stand up and live his life the way he does. As a man, you have to look at that and say, man I want to someday be like that, be able to live what I say, practice what you preach."

(On the opportunity)

"I'm just trying to go out this week and get ready for this game. That's my main objective, go get ready for this week."

(On getting playing time last week)
"I was surprised. It was good to get some early playing time and you have to produce when you get called on. My main focus this week is just to have a good week of practice and get ready for this Sunday."

(On Colts DE Dwight Freeney)
"He's a great player; overall he's one of the best in the league. I'll have my work cut out for me. I just have to get ready for this week, that's my main option, my main motive to get ready for this week. I've been watching film and stuff, that's all I can do, is watch film and get ready for this week."

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#1 : October 03, 2007, 06:00:33 PM

(On facing the Colts, his previous team)
"It will be fun. It is always good to play top teams. They are the number one offense, the defending champions. It will be fun to go back into the dome, and play the number one offense."

wonder if he wants to lay a hit or two on Manning ;)
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