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#45 : October 05, 2007, 09:43:20 PM

What? Caddy's best assest is his vision. Pittman's worst attribute is his vision and impatience.

You want examples just look at the Ram game where Caddy was going to be blasted for a 3 yard loss, saw the defenside end had lost contain, cut back to the other side of the field and made a 3 and half yard gain with the help of a Garcia block, nudge really. I remember him doing the same thing numerous of times last year as well in the Chi-Town game two years ago on a pitch. Caddy's best attribute is his vision and ability to make quick cuts in small spaces while eluding tacklers.

Teams stacked the box when Caddy is in the game and blitzed the gaps usually between the guard and tackle... when Pittman is in the game team's usually played 7 or 6 man fronts. You see this in the Panthers and Rams games on draws and other plays. It's exactly why Caddy was more oftened hit in the backfield and Pittman was not.

Good post.


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#46 : October 06, 2007, 10:47:20 AM

The one thing Pittman has improved upon dramatically is patience. He's been steadily improving in that over the last 2 seasons. It will make a huge difference. Pitt is an acceptable primary option, and his hands and pass blocking will help keep the defenses honest.

I agree about all except primary option.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY disagree with that.

He has guns of steel, and legs of Dudley Moore (after drunk).  He is a bruiser, a straight line missile, I agree.

He is not shifty, he is not a guy who I think should be the key element in a rushing attack.  A part of it, yes.  A KEY?  Nope.

I dunno...I'm not calling Pitt a world beater, but he has made some cuts (not jukes, but cuts, as in: hit the hole, cut, go) that I've not seen him make in years past.  Is there going to be much of a drop off in play from Caddy?

I don't think so.


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#47 : October 06, 2007, 11:56:39 AM

Pittman is learning to use his gears.  Broke the ankles of a Cb against the Rams on a pass play for a first.   Caddy has rubbed off on him.  He's still slightly musclebound which limits him to some degree but he sure hit both the left and right edges against Carolina for big numbers.
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