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Boid Fink

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#30 : November 14, 2006, 01:04:56 AM

We were #1 without DJ. And without DS. There's this little problem about called age that HAS finally caught up. Also, opponents have had years to disect the Cover 2 and find ways to beat it.

I mentioned the other day that Kiffin should share in the criticism. It's time for Kiffin to start adding some wrinkles.

Phone works fine. I am just seldom home until late in the evening nowadays. But this part of the discussion is PIRATE's COVE.
The Bears seem to work just fine with the Tampa 2...

Hell, even the Bills run it better.

It all starts with the Front Four, you know this man.  Stop being silly.

It is not Kiff, it is the guys he is working wiff.


No pressure means time for the QB to read the zone.  Not hard to do.


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#31 : November 14, 2006, 01:05:03 AM

The game was sickening, but it was the execution that hurt us.

We need an overhaul. This team is bad. I hope Gruden can fix it because if he can't next year he is out. I'm not calling for his head, either - I like him and think he is getting guys open but those guys aren't making plays.
I am with ya option-- I like Gruden and anybody who knows the game can see the plays are there and the execution sucks. When you think of all the drops and misfires alone that could have been it is frustrating. But that is on Gruden as well-- they afterall are his players and he is not getting the most out of them and sadly he will be the fallguy for that- some deserved some not but thats the NFL. I just dont see at this point with obvious rebuilding tendencies right now who you find to replace him that wouldn't set it back another 2 years.

It's young and I knew the rebuild would come and the mortgage would haunt us--so I am willing to give him another year.

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#32 : November 14, 2006, 01:07:09 AM

He hates me cuz I don't return calls at 1 a.m.   LOL!

1 am? I know your senior citizen ass goes to bed after the 6:00 news. I would never call that late. I'm very surprised you're up now. Unless you have run out of depends and are affraid to leak onto the wife's side of the bed.

#33 : November 14, 2006, 01:09:25 AM

Actually, some friends arrived this afternoon from Kansas City.  I never said you called that late.  It is when I have been getting most of my messages.
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