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: October 14, 2007, 08:59:25 AM

With the Titans  having the best run defense in the NFL and our rag tag group of rbs...thanks to Bruce dragging his feet...its put squarely on Garcias arm...theres 3 things our rbs have in common there all over 4.7 in the 40...slow afoot...but all have good hands...and last but not least are good blockers...my thinking is Darby isn't fast either so they opted for Gates better blocking.
         We will use the short pass like a run today ...Garcia will pass at least 40 times ....lots of dumpoffs to the backs...Smith may have his biggest day...today we will finally see Stovall and Clayton involved in the game....if we win Garcia will throw for 400 yards...2 of the WRS will go over 100 yds.
       On defense we may finally see some 3/4 with Trotter lining up next to Ruud or if we stay 4/3 Trotter may be used a lot on short yardage plays...think we will finally see Adams get his first sack and Kiffens schemes may confuse the qb into 2 or 3 picks.
        Special teams will figure big in this game ...who controls the field position and wins the turnover battle will win the game...the axiom of who has more runs wins the game will not apply today as the Bucs will just make a token gesture with the worst running attack in the NFL.
        Bucs  win if we win the turnover battle and have the ball for over 60 plays.


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#1 : October 14, 2007, 09:46:26 AM

400 yards? You sure Garcia is the QB?


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#2 : October 14, 2007, 10:31:07 AM

I think it will be pretty much like every Bucs game this year: If they get out to a lead, they will run the ball and end up with over 125 yrds rushing by the end of the game, and Garcia will attempt less than 25 passes.  If they fall behind, they will continue to pass and Garcia will see 30-35 passes, and the Bucs will be under 75 yards rushing.

A lot of teams gave up on the run against the Titans by the end of the 3rd quarter.  The Saints didn't run it one time in the 4th, throwing 16 times on 4 possessions.  And all 4 possessions ended in turnovers: 3 INT and 1 fumble.  They ended the game with 16 rushes for 34 yards.  The Falcons rushed 4 times in the 4th quarter (I'm not counting runs by Leftwich).

I think the Titans run defense ranking is a chicken/egg scenario, much like our current record and stats: Are they good, and that's why teams can't run on them, or are teams unable to run the ball (or give up entirely), making them look good?  I'm sure it's somewhere in the middle, just like our current Bucs team, record, and roster.  They aren't as good as they looked against the Saints, Panthers, and Rams.  They aren't as bad as they looked against the Seahawks and Colts.

I don't think it's impossible to run against the Titans, though whether it's easy to get ahead of them and find out could be the real question.
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