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#30 : November 14, 2006, 01:48:17 PM

I am a Gru supporter.  Would love to see him succeed here as most of you would.  HOWEVER,with the draft status what it'll be, and the mega $$ under cap, I would not be surprised to see him gone this year.  No owner in his right mind would want a lame duck coach with that much oppty only to have to swtich it over gain in a year or two.

#31 : November 14, 2006, 01:50:34 PM

I don't really want Gruden fired, but if he is to be fired then there is really only one scenario I support next season:

Let Kiffin be our head coach. I know he doesn't want to be a head coach but maybe here in Tampa he would. Let Barry be the DC, and hire the best damn offensive coordinator we can find who is going to do whatever it takes to win. Gruden doesn't do it...he is unwilling to change his offense in order to win football games. He needs to start changing it up. We need to do anything to win football games at this point.

I think this would rekindle our defense and then hopefully buy us some time to get a new offense going.

If we wait another year then I would see a different head coach coming in. If Gruden really is going to be fired after this season then I support Kiffin as the HC.

With Kiffin as head coach, who would be the GM?


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#32 : November 14, 2006, 02:37:13 PM

Kiffen would make a horrible HC.  He doesnt demand accountability out of his defensive guys, how would he do so for a whole org?

"there are no medals here for who can stay at the office the longest," said Jagodzinski. "I'm not into that. The guys that brag about working till 2 in the morning, in my opinion, they're just not smart enough. "

18,2,25,13 ... murderers row?

I support coach Calhoun and his salary


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#33 : November 14, 2006, 03:05:08 PM

Be glad Simms is a greedy man or we'd be on the hook for $10m+ to him right now.

Bruce Allen denied that story anyway.


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#34 : November 14, 2006, 03:27:44 PM

I see Gru here next year. I too get frustrated with things. But I see him and Allen getting a chance
next year with Grads at the helm and some decent FAs and a few, good draft picks. I do not want
Monte as the HC. I would be surprised to see Gru fired after this year. But not shocked...


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#35 : November 14, 2006, 10:02:56 PM

I don't see the talent you see.  That right side of the line is the worst I can ever remember in Tampa, and that is saying a lot.  Granted, they are rookies, but rookie OLine are starting all over the league with good success.  Trueblood can not play tackle in this league, and Joseph is getting abused out there.  They were supposed to be Shell/Upshaw.  We would be lucky if they turn out to be Coleman/Odom, but that isn't likely.

Rookie O-linemen are starting all over the league with good success? How many of them are starting immediately beside another rookie and having good success? Oh, and glad to see you can write off a pair of guys after a handful of starts as rookies.



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#36 : November 14, 2006, 10:27:32 PM

Davin getting killed?  Must be watching different games than me.  Tru has moved from lt to rt and is starting in his rookie year against the best de in the league.  He made his share of mistakes (rookie :), but far from awful in my opinion

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#37 : November 14, 2006, 10:33:25 PM

The thing with Peyton is this:  He took a team, with a better QB, improved rush attack, and basically the core of players N.O. worked with last year.  N.O. went through a lot of rough stuff, playing all over the country as home games (The "home" game at NY was laughable, and a disgrace), and then with his improved team, and a home turf to claim, set them on course for the par.  Sean Peyton is along for the ride right now.  I am not in the same vein of thinking that most are, that he is a tremendous coach.  I just think his circumstance is gold, and last years Saints were rusted tin.  Let's see what Peyton could have manufactured with last years team.

As for Gruden, the man has had the BEST moments in Tampa history, and he won the division last year, irregardless of strength of schedule, he was working with an even younger, more inexperienced team then, and he got theat banner flying in RJS.  This year, he is down his starting QB (and I think Simms had a rough start, but would have righted the ship, FWIW), and his schedule is a lot tougher.  And he has a true rook QB running the offense, and the run game decided to take a permanent bye-week vacay.  Gruden is a good coach, some of his play calls have been "obviously" bad, but from only our perspective.  None of us are capable of running that offense any better, and neither is ANY coach in the NFL, inclusive of Martz.

Gruden stays, gets another year to work the kinks out.  

Stop with all this nonsense please.  Some of you guys are amazing in your ability to not think clearly.

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