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he is a pretty crappy outfielder, but i love watching my jays play them - despite my hatred for the whole redsox organization
...but he did piss out in left field, and i cant decide if he's a huge dude for that or it only makes me hate him more


I have seen highlight after highlight of his fielding miscues on espn, they are errors that don't count on his fielding %...  No, I don't watch a lot of RS games, but what I see on espn sickens me as a fan.

I don't need to justify my contempt for a MLB player.

I don't like him.

That is good enough for me.

And he should have slid last night and/or knocked the catcher over. I just saw that.

But your description of his fielding is totally off. How many RS games did you watch this year?

2004 WS MVP and phenomenal post-season, clutch hitting.

So, what has he done in his life for you to judge him as a person? Say what you want about
his antics but I'm wondering if I missed something when it comes to his private life. Please
enlighten us.

yes, a piss poor fielder.  Misjudging flyballs, poor jumps, limpass arm...

when you get a poor jump on a ball and can't make a play, that does not effect your fielding percentage, it isn't an error.  Same thing with misjudging flyballs by coming in on a ball over your head, or taking your first step back on a ball that lands in front of you, those are all mental errors that do not effect your fielding %, and this guy makes a ton of those mistakes.

He is a selfish turd, puts himself in front of the team, takes days, even weeks off for no apparent reason...  He does not hustle out every ground ball, doesn't get the extra base when he should, just a poor excuse for a ballplayer, he is lucky he can hit.

for these reasons I can't stand the guy.


A loser? A bum? A crappy person? What has he done in his life to make him all of those

He probably thinks he looks cool? Huh? I think you're hanging around too many kids.

--- Quote from: TURBO on October 18, 2007, 11:24:30 AM ---actually, he is a piss poor fielder.  If he wasn't such a great hitter, his attitude would have him on the WW...

--- End quote ---

Piss poor fielder? He had two erros last year and two errors this year. He has improved a lot
from a few years ago. You don't know what you're talking about. He's no Mike Cameron in
the field but he is more than adequate.

His posing is ridiculous and caused them a base last night. But other than that, the guy
is an amazing talent and RS fans love him. His words mean nada.


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