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Torre turns down Yank's

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Every one knows he was "fired".  No manager worth his salt would accept that deal.

Hey Cashman and crew I know a great manager you should pursue.  JOE friggin' MADDON.  Handle pitching staffs?  No one is better.  (nudge, nudge).  It might be tough on us Rays fans for awhile and the team may suffer, but we'll make the sacrifice so that you can return to your rightful spot above everyone else in the league.

Joe Maddon for Yankee manager.  You heard it here first.

With that contract, it's as if they were saying, "Well, we'll make it incentive-laden so that
Joe will have incentive to make it beyond the first round. Maybe now he'll get us to the

It's a joke. Incentives or not, you're going to get the same out of Torre every year. So,
either you want that or you don't. Should not have been a contract with incentives.
unless yoi thought Torre had stopped caring and needed a kick in the butt to make him
manage better.

Good pitching always stops good hitting and a $200 payroll. Yanks didn't have that
good pitching but their opponents did.

Randolph to the Yanks? I wish. I'd love to get rid of him.

Not going to happen.

Torre has been given some of the league's best players, one of the highest player payrolls (if not the highest), probably the best scouting system and hasn't been able to win a championship over the last seven years.

He's been given the tools, but hasn't produced.   

His lackadaisical approach to managing didn't work.  There are coaches out there if given his squad would have easily have won their division and still be in the running for a Championship.

As a lifelong Yankee hater, I'm disappointed that Torre isn't staying.  Wouldn't be surprised if they (Yanks) hire a gutsy/fiery/motivating manager (Jim Leyland style) that'll make the Yankees a team to fear again.

As a Yankee fan, I'm livid about this pathetic offer.  Cashman, George Steinbrenner, or his sons were really stupid to offer him a 1 year deal that included a paycut.  I'm grateful for what Torre did for the organization.  It wasn't Torre fault that the pitching staff was completely inadequate.  Unlike a lot of fans and the Steinbrenner's I realize that winning every other World Series isn't possible and quite frankly is not good for the game.  Who every made this pathetic decision, which will have negative consequences, can kiss my butt.  I suspect it was Steinbrenner Jr.  Hey pal, you suck.  God damn, jackoff. 

.....Do I really care?

Besides the fact, there was related context to the organization. George Costanza was apart of the Yankees organization......ugh no sense in wasting humor on you....go pray to Jim and your newly enshrined Bulls idol in your closet.

Wow, okay ESPN is taking this alittle to far, dropping around the horn for a 30 min "special" on Torre and the Yankee's...

Thanks, we can always count on you to bring a thread down a notch.

George Costanza for COACH!

Yeah I did hear that as well.  It would seem more likely that they would go after a name guy as opposed to a guy with little or no managerial experience.  Mattingly, Randolph, and Girardi at least have the Yankee cult following going for them.


LaRussa has been bandied about....can you imagine him vs. the NY media on a bad day?


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