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Balls Out

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#30 : October 29, 2007, 03:49:48 PM

So how exactly does this prove Gruden is a good coach? His record sure doesn't. Another lame topic by a kool aid drinker.

What doesn't it prove jack@$$? When arguably the best coach the NFL has ever seen says something like that it means something....hence the saying "always consider the source", which is why I'll forget what you just wrote.

Another little tid bit of info on how respected Gruden is as a coach, Jerry Rice, the best receiver ever, who also happened to be coached by the best ever in Bill Walsh, choose Oakland once he left SF because of Gruden, or at least a huge contributing factor....and that's straight from the man's mouth.

I wouldn't say Gruden's offensive system wasn't a contributing factor for Rice to play in Oakland. But it wasn't HUGE. Rice just had a 15,000 square foot home built in the Bay area during that offseason, he didn't want to leave the area. Also, the only other suitor was Detroit.

I could live in my brand-spankin' new home in the Bay and play for Oakland, or move to Detroit.....hmmm?? Rick Kotite could have been the Raider's coach that year, and I think Rice still would have chosen Oakland.

I can't speak on the home he had just built, but I can tell you that on the program "In your own words" on the NFL network, they profiled Jerry, and in his interview he singled out Gruden as being the coach he most wanted to play for....not a bad choice considering Gruden's success in Oakland....and lets be honest, when your in Jerry's position at that stage in his career with nothing left to prove, being on a well coached winning team had to be a must.

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#31 : October 30, 2007, 12:39:37 AM

Garcia came to Tampa because Oakland wouldn't guarantee him a start.  It's the same reason why he picked Cleveland over Tampa a few years back.

Even if thats true, it has no relevance here. The point of this thread is, Bill Walsh thinks a lot of Jon Gruden and wanted Garcia to play here, what does it matter if Garcia chose Tampa because of money and/or starting opportunity? Completely irrelevant
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