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Some problems, but the site is really nice..  It is going to be nice once the kinks are worked out..

Congrats to the Pewter family..  ;D

Man I wish we weren't  0-3, this would of been fun to launch this site and have a good team headed to the playoffs..  :(

Looks great.  Still keep having "connection problems."

It needs better separation between the posts. And it has crapped out a few times already. Bugs...gotta love 'em!

I've been trying for an hour.  But finally got a post in.  Yes!

Larry Brackins:
Hopefully Gruden'sJock got lost in the move.

Btw, why can't I see my sig?

mjs020294: doesn't include sigs in quotes.  :)

Larry Brackins:
Anybody know how how to change your username? I'd like to shorten mine.

Larry Brackins:
Sweet I figured everything out.

Love it ... Great Job Guys!!!

karen anderson:
In the pic section on your profile...couldn't you have some Buccaneer ones insyead of movie stars & singers? Or  maybe Bucs/sports figures?


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