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#15 : November 06, 2007, 05:50:29 PM

We defintly have a shot at winning all of our games. If we can get past the Saints I see us doing it. Brees won't have a field day like he has been the past few weeks because we have the #1 pass defense in the NFL. I also don't know why people are saying we will lose to the Skins. They can't beat good teams and they just had trouble beating the Jets. Since we are playing at home, we should beat them easily. Losing the 49ers has to be a joke. Right now, they are playing probably the worst football in the NFL and Alex Smith is turning the ball over a lot. I don't care if we struggle on the west coast, we will win that game. Here's to 12-4!



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#16 : November 06, 2007, 06:13:47 PM

I have a strong feeling that the Detroit game will come back and haunt us assuming we need a wild card slot to get in.


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#17 : November 06, 2007, 06:32:19 PM

I love how everyone over-rates the Saints.  Do me a favor and turn off ESPN.  They like to judge a team off of one game and ride it.  4 weeks ago the Saints were left for dead, now they are inspired by their slow start.  The Saints certainly aren't as bad as their 0-4 record, but we already knew that as Buc Fans.  They beat a 2-6 Falcons team, a 2-6 49ers team, a 4-4 Seahawks team, and a 5-3 Jaguars team, which was 1-2 without Leftwich.(Yeah they beat us, but their still a losing team)

Right now it's
Buccaneers 5-4
Panthers 4-4
Saints 4-4
Falcons 2-6

Here's my wacky predictions to finish the season.

Week 10
Atlanta over Carolina.  The Panthers season ended when Delhomme went out for the season.  Carr just cant seem to get anything going with that offense.  The Falcons are a bad team, but they should have beat them last time and I see the Dirty Birds getting a win.

Rams over the Saints.  The Rams need to get their first win sometime.  They get Steven Jackson back healthy, coming off their bye, and have 2 weeks to rest and prepare for the Saints.  Both teams defenses are horrid.  The Saints won't win 12 straight games like many think.  Trust me, despite what ESPN says, the Bucs are in a better situation then the Saints.

Buccaneers 5-4
Panthers 4-5
Saints 4-5
Falcons 3-6

Bucs over Atlanta.  It will be a close game, but I would certainly hope we could beat a Joey Harrington/Leftwich led Falcons team with 2 weeks to prepare.

Saints over Houston.
Carolina over GreenBay.  That's right I see the Panthers upsetting the Packers.  The Packers won't go 15-1 and I think they are overachieving.  Expect them to lose a few games that you think they could win.

Buccaneers 6-4
Carolina 5-5
Saints 5-5
Falcons 3-7

week 12
Indianapolis over Atlanta
New Orleans over Carolina- The Panthers beat them in New Orleans, but I see the Saints getting the best of this one.
Buccaneers over Washington- This will be a close game, but I think we can win this one at home.  I think it will be very similar to the Jaguars game, hopefully we can take care of the home field advantage.

Buccaners 7-4
New Orleans 6-5
Carolina 5-6
Falcons 3-8

Week 13
San Fransisco over Carolina
St. Louis over Atlanta
New Orleans over Tampa Bay- We're Buc Fans, we should know that they want to make it interesting and they won't win this game to put an end to this.  We ususally split with the Saints regardless and I see us losing a close game in their place.

Buccaneers 7-5
New Orleans 7-5
Carolina 5-7
Atlanta 3-9

Week 14
Jaguars over Carolina
Tampa Bay over Houston- This game scares me, but every game scares a Buc Fan, seeing we play to our competition.
New Orleans over Atlanta

Tampa Bay 8-5
Saints 8-5
Carolina 5-8
Atlanta 3-10

Week 15
Tampa Bay over Atlanta- I hope we can sweep the dirty birds, but I have a feeling we could blow one.
Carolina over Seattle- The Seahawks are an up and down team, the Panthers sneak out a win
Saints over Arizona

Buccaneers 9-5
Saints 9-5
Carolina 6-8
Falcons 3-11

Week 16
Dallas over Carolina
Eagles over Saints- The Eagles are a good team despite what people say.  They are a scary team and I think they will get their act together.  Won't be a playoff team, but I could see them going 8-8.
Atlanta over Arizona
Tampa Bay over San Fransisco-It's a Sunday Night game, I think and hope we'll win it.  It will be a similar  last week to the last time we won in 05.  We control our destiny.

Tampa Bay 10-5
New Orleans 9-6
Carolina 6-9
Atlanta 4-11

Week 17
Seattle over Atlanta
Chicago over New Orleans
Tampa Bay over Carolina

Final Standings
Buccaneers 11-5( They are a good team and should be a 7-2 team, but you are what your record says you are.  They play one winning team(Redskins) from here on out.  They play the 2-6 Falcons twice, the 2-6 49ers, 4-5 Texans, 4-4 declining Panthers.  Their hardest games are a home game against a 5-3 Skins team and a 4-4 Saints game on the road.)

Saints 9-7(History won't let them make the playoffs after an 0-4 start.  9 wins won't get you into the playoffs this year in the NFC, at least not as a wild card team.  They will turn things around, but It will be hard for them to play a talented Bears and Eagles team to finish the season.  I give the Bucs a 2 game cushion, but even if these two teams end with the same record, if the Bucs go 5-1 in the division with that loss going to the Saints; we still win it because the Saints also lost to the Panthers.)

Panthers 6-10(Hard to believe a 4-4 team could end like this, but honestly once Delhomme went down, the season went down.  The same would happen to the Bucs or Saints if their QBs went down.  They are 0-2 the past two weeks being outscored 51-14.  They play 6 teams with .500 or better records.  They play the Falcons who gave them trouble and the 49ers)

Falcons 4-12(Not too hard to believe.  Thats what their on pace for anyway.  I do think they can take a game from us because we play down to our opponents, but I hope we dont screw it up)


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#18 : November 06, 2007, 07:51:47 PM

Regardless of how we have struggled in the past in San Francisco, I would be absolutely livid if we lose to the 49ers. Despite what they did in the offseason that team is atrocious, with an Offense averaging 12 points a game and a Defense which just lost to Joey Harrington and that can't seem to produce any turnovers. San Francisco will be picking in the top 5 of the NFL draft, I feel, and the Bucs simply can't afford to drop that game.

\"We are frustrated at not making the playoffs. It is a good start. That is all it is. It is a good start for something that we are going to be in the future. - Josh Freeman


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#19 : November 07, 2007, 09:14:42 PM

1 seed- Dallas Cowboys(7-1)-@NY Giants, Washington, Jets, Green Bay, @Detroit, Philadelphia, @Carolina, @Washington.
*I think they will be pretty solid and maybe lose 2 more games.  I'm expecting them to have homefield clinched by the last week, and rest their starters. I see them losing to Washington, and probably dropping a game to the Giants next week. So I see them finishing at 13-3.

2 seed-Green Bay(7-1)-Vikings, Carolina, @Detroit, @Dallas, Oakland, @St. Louis, @Chicago, Detroit
*I don't think they will fare as good in the 2nd half, but their hot first half will pretty much give them a good shot.  The two games with Detroit will be huge and I see them splitting that, along with dropping a games to Carolina, Dallas, and either Chicago or Minnesota next week.  So that leaves them at 11-5.

3 seed-Tampa Bay(5-4)-@Atlanta, Washington, @New Orleans, @Houston, Atlanta, @San Fransisco, Carolina.
*I think the Bucs will fare better in the 2nd half.  They dropped 2 games they should have won and are a good defensive football team with an offense that manages the game.  They play one team over .500 and play declining Carolina, Atlanta, and San Fransisco teams.  With that being said, I think we will drop that games in New Orleans and go 5-1 in the division.  I also think we will drop the Houston game or the Washington game.  We will definetly drop a game we should have won, but I see us winning the division at 10-6.

4 seed- Seattle Seahawks(4-4)-San Fransisco, Chicago, @St. Louis, @Philadelphia, Arizona, @Carolina, Baltimore, @Atlanta
-Not the hardest of remaining schedules, plus they play in a weaker division then even ours.  They are an up and down team and I think they will lose some game.  I see them going 5-3 and ending up 9-7 winning the division.

5 seed- NY Giants(6-2)-Dallas, @Detroit, Minnesota, @Chicago, @Philadelphia, Washington, @Buffalo, New England
*I see them doing pretty well, but losing to Philadelphia, New England, and Chicago.  This will give them an 11-5 record and the first wild card spot.

6 seed-New Orleans Saints(4-4)-St. Louis, @Houston,@Carolina,  Tampa Bay, @Atlanta, Arizona, Philadelphia, @Chicago.
*They have an easy remaining schedule, and I see them going 5-3.  They will drop a game to the Rams, Philadelphia, and Chicago.  So they will be 9-7 and the last spot in the playoffs..

So I'm hearing what about the Detroit Lions.  Well the fans in Detroit wont be happy.  Their remaining schedule is @Arizona, Giants, Green Bay, @Minnesota, Dallas, @San Diego, Kansas City, and @Green Bay.  That is a hard schedule.  I think they will go 3-5 in the second half, netting them a 9-7 record and losing to the Saints due to conference record.  I see them beating the Packers, Chiefs, and Minnesota.

Remember they beat the Raiders, Vikings, Bears(twice), Bucs, and Broncos(half game with Ramsey).  Aside from the Bucs, none of the teams have a winning record or even a .500 record.  They are a good team, don't get me wrong, but I believe teams like the G men, Dallas, and San Diego will whoop them close to as bad as the Eagles and Giants did.

The Bears, Vikings, Eagles, Panthers, and Cardinals are still in the race at 3-5, (Panthers 4-4), but they are virtually 3 games back from the last wild card team with 8 games to go.  They will need absolute collaspes.  The Panthers and Cardinals could still win their divisions, but I dont see them doing it with the Bucs and Seahawks being better teams.  The 49ers, Falcons, and Rams should look towards next year.  The Skins aren't a bad team either, as I would watch out for them, but I dont see 3 teams coming from the NFC East.

Cowboys and Packers byes.

3. Bucs over 6. Saints
5. Giants over 4. Seahawks

Divisional Round
1. Cowboys over 5. Giants
3. Bucs over 2. Packers

Championship Game
1. Cowboys over 3. Bucs

#20 : November 07, 2007, 10:33:30 PM

Bucs can beat the Cows any day.

Bucs vs Pats @ SuperBowl



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#21 : November 07, 2007, 10:37:07 PM

I dont want to go saying Super Bowl right now...But I do see playoffs in the picture


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#22 : November 07, 2007, 10:38:30 PM

I really am a buccs fan - would offer there is NOT a LIKELY playoff scenario for the buccs at this point.  And getting to the SB without a Dline would be miraculous - it would be Monte's and Coyer's biggest dream come true, and greatest coaching accomplishments.  Talk about making chicken salad out of chicken shlit.

\"A Great Coach has to have a Patient Wife, A Loyal Dog, and a Great Quarterback. . . . but not necessarily in that order\" ~ Coach Bud Grant

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#23 : November 08, 2007, 05:57:45 AM

Who says the Saints are favorites to beat the Bucs? These same "experts" who are drooling all over the Saints were the same ones who picked Miami and Carolina to play in the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Barring a repeat of Garcia's Det/Jax performances, we should win that game.

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#24 : November 08, 2007, 05:00:18 PM

No chance this year for Simeon Rice being sent home from SF for missing a team meeting either, thus impacting the pass rush to allow Pickett to look like an all-star.

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