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: November 13, 2007, 05:25:23 PM

After doing some research and reading on other various sites, the Bucs could have the most room under the cap in 2008 out of any team

The Buccaneers have approximately $86 million in player costs already on their books for the 2008 season. With the NFL cap set to be $116 million, that  will leave $30 million under the cap.

Right now the Bucs are set to pay $86 million for the 48 players that will be under contract at season end.

Money set to come off the books in the form of player cuts or dead cap space comes to around $14 million.

Even though Jake Plummer is on the did not report list for 2007 his salary will still count on the 2008 cap unless he does not report, or actually files his retirement papers which is 6.2 million and is part of the $86 million, thus if the team places Plummer on the did not report list for 2008, it would give the team another 6 million, bringing the total cap space to $36 million for 2008.

The next highest cap figure for the Bucs in 2008 is Greg Spires at around 4.4 million.

The Bucs will also get back another 3.2 million in cap space for the pro-rated portion of DE Simeon Rice’s signing bonus, bringing the total cap space up to $39 million dollars.

CB Brian Kelly counted $4.436 million against the 2007 salary cap, and set to count $4.653 million in 2008,   However if the team decides to cut or release Kelly in the off-season  could gain another $4 million dollars of space as Kelly has a pro-rated bonus of 450,000 dollars due as well as a $ 1 million dollar roster bonus due. so by cutting Kelly in the off season the team only eats his pro rated bonus from his original signing bonus of $ 2 million.

Which would now push the team to a whopping $43 million in cap space for 2008.

TE Alex Smith has a clause that could add $2 million dollars to his salary for 2008, not sure if that is  LTBE that could be rolled over for 2008 giving the team another $ 2 million in cap space or not.

Also Carnell Williams has an escalator that could gain him as much as 4.6 million more in 2008 but with his current injury status not sure that is will get triggered and or if it could be a LTBE thus allowing it to be rolled into the 2008 cap space which would when adding Smiths and Williams LTBE if they truly are would give the team as much as 51 million dollars worth of cap space for 2008.

Now if the team decides to cut Kevin Carter it could add another $5 million worth of space giving the team $56 million dollars under the NFL 's $116 million cap next season.


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#1 : November 13, 2007, 05:37:38 PM

if your numbers are even close to right, that is amazing news.


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#2 : November 13, 2007, 05:40:04 PM

Thats a TON of money we have, just too bad the free agent market won't be "hot". I mean there will be a few blue-chips that could be avaliable

Lance Briggs
Asante Samuel

I wish we could trade all this money for draft picks(2nd and 3rd rounders),too Washington maybe??? Kevin Carter should see the door after the year, along with Kelly.

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#3 : November 13, 2007, 06:10:31 PM

Problem with that is due to the rise in the cap, everyone has $$ and few teams will let any player that is worth a damn hit the free agent market.... hence the need to hit on your draft picks.
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