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Peter King hating on the bucs?

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--- Quote from: DanTurksGhost on November 16, 2006, 04:53:17 PM ---If the Redskins give the Bucs a heavy dose of Duckett then it could be a very long day. Duckett is exactly the sort of back who does well against our undersized front. If I were coaching Washington, I'd be handing it off to Duckett all day long, then when I had a chance or two I'd throw it to whomever is being covered by Torrie Cox.

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Duckett hasn't done particularly well against us in the past.
Given that their D is even worse than ours, and they're changing QBs, I have a hard time seeing this as anything other than our best chance for a win this year.  Not a lock by any means, but I would still put this under "should win"...


--- Quote from: dalbuc on November 16, 2006, 04:39:35 PM ---It ain't biased, we suck rocks. I don't think PK hates the Bucs, he hates the way we are playing and can't bring himself to project many points for this offense.

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Yeah.  I actually think that King likes the Bucs.  he predicted big things for Simms.  Then he predicted big things for Grads.  Obviously, this means that we will win the game.  :)

christ we can put 10 up on the panthers. Gimmie a break the skins d is worse off than carolina.

I know its a prediction but damn the guy predicted the score to be 19 - 3 skins. doesnt even give em a chance. is this just a bucs hater or a realistic prediction?

oh my bad somebody metioned it allready

And? we suck dude.. get over it

It will be closer and I think the Bucs will win.


--- Quote from: Hit55Fan on November 16, 2006, 03:28:24 PM ---And? we suck dude.. get over it

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it's not like the Skins are good, add in no Portis, and a first start for J-Cam.

peter king hates everybody it seems except for the cowboys, patriots and reggie bush, he is retarded, if i ever see him in a parking lot im going to run him over

if the bucs lose this one honestly, im expecting a 3-13 season at best, and a possible top 3 pick

I know we suck but so do the skins all i was sayin was that he didnt give us a chance sometimes they make the scores close to show that the other team has a chance to win too. he has us only scoring 3 and them 19 which is in my opinion biased.  


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