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We're gonna beat the hell out of Washington....


Our offense isn't a juggernaut but Jason Campball is making his first start, and we all know what does Monte do to QB's like that. I expect a big defensive perfomance, with the offense holding its own.


I'd be overjoyed to see the Bucs put 21 on the board

I hope the defense plays this young QB more like they played Losman last year, than how things went against Cody Pickett and the 49ers :P
Truth is, without consistent pressure we will continue to be vunerable to any QB.

Though this will be the first time we face a non-established QB this year: McNair, Vick, Delhomme 2x, Brees 2x, Palmer, McNabb, Eli Manning....that's a rough bunch of QBs to face for any D. What makes me sad, is it wouldn't have mattered to the the dominant Buc defenses of old, they took pride in shuting down and embarassing All Pro QBs, now we have to hope to face a green, young QB to have any chance of winning.

original bucfan:
I think a 14-7 win is more realistic.

Now that Moss is out, if we can stop the run this will definitely hold true.

I wouldnt rely on this defense of ANYTHING


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