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Bo Schembechler dead



I heard it on Rome...

Boid Fink:
I knew he was having big troubles with his heart even as early as a few weeks ago.  It is sad.  The man was great for football.

Sad day for all of college FB. The timing is eerie..

But the degenerate gambler in me just put $200 on Michigan..

Smart Man red,smart man


--- Quote --- Schembechler had a heart attack on the eve of his first Rose Bowl in 1970 and another one in 1987. He has had two quadruple heart bypass operations.
--- End quote ---

what a freakin' hoss....he's lucky to have lived as long as he did. RIP

Boid Fink:
Just a damn shame he could not watch teh biggest game in their rivalry to date....really unfortunate.

I recall the days when he'd match up against Woody Hayes.  Some classics.

R.I.P. Bo

I run a restaurant where he would come in a few times a year. Very nice fella, I honestly didn't know who he was at first. RIP. Go Michigan!

As much as I hate Michigan, I think they are going to win today.

Now that really, really makes me unhappy. Anyways, go Ohio State but probably Michigan. The underdog always seems to win this game.


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