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I guess you could skew statistics to make them look however you want, but here it is.

The Bucs are the only 2 time NFC south champs. This will hold true if the saints win it.
The Bucs are the only NFC South team to win a super bowl
The bucs are the only NFC team to win a super bowl this century

This all happened with Gruden. Hopefully alot of the people that are critical of him(my-self included) still thinks he deserves one more year.
I used to listen to 620 with Ron and Ian, but cant stand all the ignorant callers calling for his head or Ron and Ian saying Grudens avoiding questions during his press conf. Does anyone else think hes avoiding questions? I cant seem to tell.

He deserves 5 more years.

Ian has a hard on for Gruden ever since he let him go 2 years ago.Ian says it was because he asked hard questions....not true...he just flat out sucked and was never prepared.Its a tie between him and Silly O as to who can throw the most dirt on the coach to try and get him fired probably cause he don't give them the time of too....stay far away from stupid idiots.Both of these guys were no bodys especially SillyO but are green with envy as to the salaries now being paid.

They also will be the only NFC South team to draft in the top 5 of the draft twice since the NFL realigned it's divisions.


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